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The WOMEN’S FITNESS TRIBE is where women who want to create healthy lives for themselves join to collaborate ideas, share tips, and take advantage of the power of accountability. I am personally in the group often to offer constant support & motivation to help you stay on your game.

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60 Minute Mat Pilates Class

60 Minute Mat Pilates Class

Here’s a full length fitness class – 60 minutes Mat Pilates to help you strengthen your core and improve your flexibility.
Join this 60 minute Mat Pilates class and step your fitness game up!

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Core Workout for Women – FITNESS CLASS

Core Workout for Women – FITNESS CLASS

Looking for a core workout for women?
This exercise routine for women is a 25 minute fitness class that is full of core exercises for women! It’s fantastic if you can’t get into the gym and need exercises to do at home.

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Hey there, I’m Miranda. I want to give you a little info on myself so you can know for sure whether or not you’re in the right place. I’ve been in the Fitness Industry since 1997, helping women of all ages & sizes to create happier & healthier lives for themselves. I am passionate about giving the support that so many find lacking in their day to day lives, to help empower women to create the time they need to take action on their health & wellness goals.

Here’s just a couple of my most popular services

Fit & Healthy University

The key to creating any change in your life can be summed up in a simple sentence: "Take small steps, consistently, over a period of time." This year long program teaches you how to overcome perfectionist thinking so that you can keep moving forward, how to get past negative self talk, helps you break through limiting beliefs, and guides you past seemingly insurmountable obstacles.     More... 

Healthy Habit Implementor

The title of this program literally sums it up. It's a jumpstart into a habit-filled healthy lifestyle. Within 4-weeks you'll notice your energy levels increase, mood improve, you'll get stronger, and you're quality of life will improve more than you can dream of at this moment. Take on this program and you'll never slide back into your old ways. More... 

Private Coaching with Miranda

If you feel you need to dive deeper to get yourself to stick to a new health & exercise regime, then this option is for you. You can click the link here to connect with me and find out if I am accepting new clients at this time.  More... 

I'm over 70 but because Miranda's been my trainer since the 90's I look and feel 36.

Well, I don't exactly look 36. My face doesn't lie, and neither do I. But no more back aches and I'm in far better shape than when I began. I have the stamina and strength of a 36-year old and muscles to prove it. My grandkids, 15 and 17, like to have push-up competitions with me even though I ALWAYS win. And my form is better than theirs. Once Miranda even said I did something better than she could. "Of course", I said,"My trainer is better than yours." All of this thanks to Miranda. She encourages me, she pushes me and she inspires me. She's already been told that whatever she does with her life, one thing is certain: She's my trainer FOREVER!


Roberta Hufnagel, Psychotherapist

I have been working out with Miranda since before the turn of the century!

She has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle with weight lifting, pilates and yoga, both in the gym and in the great outdoors. Miranda is very knowledgable in many areas of physical fitness and knows how to work with people of all ages, levels and abilities. At the end of every workout, I feel strong and positive about myself. I am very fortunate to work out with a real professional.


Marilyn Rotter, Fitness Enthusiast and Creator of Wonderful Ideas