Sooooo many people say they want to lose weight, yet sooooo few people follow through. Why is this? Mostly because they want a quick fix. Losing weight and keeping it off is a lifestyle change.
I am playing with ways to start a 12 week (3 month) plan to lose 10 pounds that people can easily follow when they commit to the program. I am still in ‘research mode’ but wanted to give you a heads up in case you are interested. This program will be available in NYC and on the web. Email miranda@mirzukfitness.com if interested.
To get your mind into gear- here are a few tips I found from Dr. Oz:
1- First- your body creates a hormone called ghrelin that makes you feel hungry. Once you’ve begun to eat, it takes about 30 minutes for the ghrelin levels to fall and for you to feel full. 2 things here- when you are thinking about getting second servings, wait until that 30 minute window has ended and check to see if you feel hungry after that. In my experience, it usually takes only 10 minutes.
Another thing to keep in mind is to eat a handful of nuts a half hour before a meal to curb your appetite. Especially if you are heading out for dinner. 
2-  You know they are bad for you, stop drinking the soft drinks. Another hormone in your body associated with hunger is Leptin. This one tells your bod that you can stop eating because you have stored enough energy. But fructose, which is abundant in soft drinks, “interrupts the feedback loop, preventing your brain from getting the message”. Just drink water. If you absolutely must have a soda, use it on a reward only basis, no more than once per week. We’ll get more into that when the program begins.
I’ll throw in a few more tips as the week progresses, but let those settle in as you get ready to begin a whole new week.
Hugs and Love,

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