Boy oh boy!!  The annual ECA Fitness Convention is where I go each year to get my CEC’s and stay connected to the Fitness Industry, so that I can be the best Fitness Coach I can possibly be!!
And now, OH, the things I have in my toolbox for YOU!! So there’s the new stuff- all fun crazy wacky fabulous. Body Bar Flex, Flexi-bars (yes, they are different!), XCO, TRX, Pilates on the Foam Roller, etc… And then there’s the review of the information that is in dusty files in my brain. It’s great for those files to get taken out. Beware! The mud has been kicked up!!! We’ve got body bar, bootcamp, coaching methods, resistance bands, stability balls, step, medicine balls and MORE!! All in my brain ready to come flying out TOMORROW!!
It’s a great idea to remember what you love and surround yourself with it from time to time. For me it is fitness and dance. I got to dance my butt off today. I think literally. I’ll let you know once I can feel again (little sore- little numbish).  I didn’t even know I could still do some of that stuff, but apparently I can. Yippee!!! It was Calvin Wiley’s class, and if anyone would like to be inspired to dance,  check him out!!
I am in love with my life and with fitness! What do YOU love? When is the last time you allowed yourSelf to do what you love? Maybe you already inundate yourself in things you love constantly, I don’t know. Most people don’t. They get caught up in the day to day and forget to be present to themselves and what they love most in life.
If you don’t have some of that stuff you love in your life now- then when will you?
In any case, beware of my new and improved toolbox. Heeheehee (evil laughing…)
Fitfully Yours (and a bit sore!)

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