The short answer is… I quit drinking coffee! I stopped with the coffee consumption on January 1st. I began to notice a difference two weeks later when my energy levels balanced out and there were no more severe ups and downs. It was SO great! Next thing I noticed I was waking up before my alarm clock went off in the morning, and my necessary afternoon crashes turned into meditation (which I have been attempting to fit in my schedule forEVER!)

Now, how did I do it? How do you stop consuming something that you believe you NEED in order to get through your day. I just did it. Weened off with tea, and then stopped the caffeine altogether. I honestly didn’t think I could do it, but just took it one day at a time, which is what I encourage you to do. Once your energy levels out and you feel more alive, that will be your motivation to continue. If you can just get past those first two weeks….  Please email me for support!

In the future I will also be addressing the sleep issue and meditation. Check back for those updates!

Your Fitness Coach,


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