From when I woke up this morning at 6:30am until now (9:33pm) it feels like 3 full days have gone by. And all of them fantastic!
I had another audition today at Equinox. An audition is required for every different format that you teach. And no matter how many times you audition- you will have nerves. Unless you are the Dalai Lama, I’m pretty sure.  So I woke up with my mind driving me nuts with audition freakishness.

My first clients were at 8am on 69th on the east side, and they did a team training at one of their home gyms. I have been training one of them since 2000, and the other since 2003 and they became friends through training with me. I love my little community! Anyway, I told them about my audition and warmed them up with my three minute kickbox combo. It’s funny to feel myself get nervous about an audition. I am open about it, and told them I was nervous. They think it’s funny too, since in their own words they have gained tremendous benefits from training with me. They said “You’re Hired.” Yay! 

Second session was a group Pilates class in a clients home in the 90’s on Fifth. I have been working with one of the women off and on since 2007, and she recently got her friends together to start a class in her home.  Completely different energy and class from hour one, but still fabulous. I love these people.

Third session was a class on Maiden Lane. It’s a kickboxing/sculpt class I have been teaching in a gym there since April of 2008, and today was my last day. I appreciate the time I spent there and love the fabulous people I met, but my instinct told me to give my notice about a month ago, so I did.  A scary step to take, but I take lots of those- so off I went.

Fourth- Audition! I went straight from teaching the kickboxing class to the kickboxing audition. I stepped out of one door and another one immediately opened for me. Love that! And even though I was nervous despite all the practice (and the fact that I already teach it!), I just allowed myself to be nervous. It was not at all comfortable. But I am working on just existing in that discomfort and letting it be.  I actually look for ways to push myself out of my comfort zone so that I can grow and become stronger.  When I’m in the middle of it I think “What the heck am I doing this for AGAIN!?”  And every time I push myself out there I feel wonderful when I’ve taken that next step and feel the growth and new strength that I’ve built.

I’ve got to say, I don’t know what all the Group Fitness Manager’s thought of my audition, but I felt prepared and on top of it and GREAT! I stuck around to support the other auditioners and had a great time dancing and kickboxing for an hour and a half. When I left, I was on top of the world!! Keep in mind, this is before I even have a response from them to find out if I am ‘approved’ to teach this class. I am on top of the world anyway!! It was a challenge and I jumped on it instead of taking a safe route. Their approval of course is important as they are the ones who hire and I of course want the job. What their approval doesn’t matter for is my own self-worth. I did the work, showed up, performed and broke through my nervous emotions. That is what matters for my personal growth.

Fifth- in my new improved mood I went and taught my sculpt class at Equinox 74th and 2nd and it was fantastic. The energy from the students was great and I was so happy to be there. One of the students said “You are out of your mind. And I love it!”

My mission is to affect as many people in a positive way as possible. And I will go through as many uncomfortable auditions or ‘growing pains’ as I have to to make that happen. The more you allow yourself to move forward through your discomfort to get to the next level, the easier it gets. Push out of your comfort zone! Join me on top of the world!!

Cheers to You!

Miranda Zukowski

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