…”I can’t afford it”

Here’s a little hypothetical story for you…

There’s a lovely woman in her early 30’s named “Jane”. It’s April, and Jane is getting married in September. She is at least 20 lbs heavier than she would like. Maybe even 30. She comes to me and says she can’t afford to train with me regularly but would like to do one session and would I please help her with a routine she can do on her own.

If you know me, my goal is really to help people, so I knock off a chunk of my fee and train her in an off hour. I explain that there are ways for her to get expert fitness guidance  without spending a lot of dough, and I tell her about a few of my offerings that include classes from $35 to FREE! I give her one hour of a kickbutt workout that encompasses easy to remember cardio drills mixed in with weights. I ask her what she thinks she can do to lose the weight.

I find that if I tell them all the answers, they are less likely to hear. It has to come from them, so it is authentic to their true selves.

She answers the questions I ask and in so doing creates her own workout and nutrition regime. I repeat it back to her every time she adds another aspect. At the end of the hour I can tell she is exhuberant and excited to start down this path. Her energy is skyrocketing! Hypothetically…

Later that evening I follow up by sending her an email with the plan she came up with under my guidance.  No response.  Two weeks later I follow up to see how she is doing. No response. I have been consistently sending her the weekly emails that have the lists of all my classes that I can get her into for no cost. Next thing I know, she has requested not to receive this information. Does she REALLY want to lose the weight? Probably. She says “I can’t afford it”, but all of us can afford FREE!  Something is blocking her from committing to her success.

Is this you? Do you say “I can’t afford it” and then don’t snatch up the opportunities that come your way? The “I can’t afford it” line is one I hear often. Switch out “I can’t afford it” to “HOW can I afford it?” Recognize that you actually can afford it, and it is just not at the top of your priorities right now. This is much more empowering to you, as it is YOUR choice, and not something that is being done TO you. 

Most of us out there really want to help each other, and there are ways to make things happen if you stay open to your opportunities.

So, if you take the excuse that “I can’t afford it” off the table- what is the real issue? Is there something that you are afraid of? If you can identify it, you can overcome it. It may be that you’re afraid to commit to losing the weight, or whatever your goal is, because you think you might fail. It could be a number of things. Ask yourself what is blocking you from success. You know the answer. Acknowledge this, and take action. You will definitely fail if you don’t.

The only real failure in life is the failure to try

Take action!! Look for your opportunities, they are out there…

Good luck!

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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