Because, as far as we know, we have one life. Most of us want to live that life to it’s fullest potential. That means being alert for the things you need to do, and then being alert for the things you WANT to do after that! Ask yourself how many hours you are actually alert during the daytime? Biologically, our range should be about 16 hours of alertness for every 8 hours of sleep. Does that sound insane? SIXTEEN HOURS OF ALERTNESS?!?! Yep. 16 hours. That fact might make some of you tired just thinking about it. But it doesn’t have to.

Most of us think we are doing ok (you’re not if you don’t get anywhere near those 16 hours of effective ‘living’ in your average day). We have slowly habituated ourselves to a low level of alertness. And now we tell ourselves it is normal because we don’t know any differently. The truth is that we actually possess the capacity to be energetic, wide awake, happy, creative, productive, motivated, and HEALTHY!! 

We just need to get that 8 hours of sleep. And through my own life as example, this is not always the easiest thing with the demands placed on us.
Check this out…
“Sleep deprivation is akin to depriving yourself of food.  Reducing your caloric intake by a constant amount each day has a cumulative effect. If you continue to burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. Keep this up and eventually your body begins to consume itself. Taken to an extreme, you will starve to death. Because sleep loss is cumulative, it can have similar devastating effects. “
Here is a list of some of those effects…
1-Daytime Drowsiness- obviously. Most of us have that. Again- we just tell ourselves it is normal.
2-Microsleeps- These are the little involuntary naps that happen in meetings, on trains, perhaps while driving a car. Yep. Not good.
3-Mood Shifts- including depression, increased irritability, and no sense of humor. Mood is usually the first thing to go after. This costs us trust points with friends, co-workers, business deals, and oh so many things. I lost many friends due to sleep deprivation. Am still trying to build up the trust.
4-Stress, anxiety, coping skills. Overwhelming feelings of not being able to cope.
5-Lack of interest in socializing with others. Check.
6-Weight Gain. Betcha didn’t know that!
7-Reduced immunity to disease and viral infection. Think about it. You’ve been there. Everyone around you is sick, but you’ve been fine. so far. Then one night you only get about 5 hours of sleep and you wake up sick the next day. That’s fast acting stuff!
8-Reduced Productivity- Can affect business growth and income. Among other things.
Next week we will look at ways to add more sleep into your already busy lives. The quote was taken from the book “Power Sleep” by Dr. James B. Maas
Sweet Dreams!
Your Fitness Coach,
Miranda Zukowski

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