At what point do you KNOW IT ALL??? Do you know anyone who thinks they know it all? And how do you feel about them? The best place for me, and I suggest as a balance to others, is to be somewhere in the middle. Meaning, you always have something to share that can help others, and you always have something to learn from others. We are pack animals, we need each other to survive.  And that’s a GOOD thing!

Today I taught a private Pilates class at 7:30am and followed that up with teaching a sculpt class at Equinox 74th and 2nd. After that, my schedule was unusually wide open, and what I WANTED to do was go sit in the park with my dog. What I ended up doing was taking the class of the instructor who teaches directly after me.  I have been curious about what she is teaching, how it might expand my knowledge, and also to develop a relationship with her. We, as teachers, are responsible for consistently adding to our knowledge or our ‘toolbox’.  Did I mention  that I didn’t actually want to take the class?   I was tired. I felt lazy. But I pushed myself to take it because I don’t get much out of being lazy, and it is rare that I have the time free, and I am SO glad I did!! The class is called ‘Amy’s Army’, taught by Amy Amato and it was a bootcamp style class put to music. She has one minute drills throughout, which is completely different from what I do, so was an eye opener to me, and stirred up some mud in my brain (old dusty files back there- those need to be taken out from time to time). Her dynamic personality made the class fun and also challenged the students to find MORE and make it through in a safe and effective way. (And guess what, I got to go relax in the park with my dog later!)

I think sometimes teachers think that if they take someone else’s class it will make them look incompetent, maybe like they lack confidence or enough experience and knowledge to do it themselves. Quite the contrary!!! You have to be confident with yourself to step in and take direction from another teacher!! Great leaders know how to follow! They can do BOTH!!! Someone who is not constantly expanding their mind is not growing and therefore they are dying. Sounds harsh, but there it is.

Seriously, how can you know what you don’t know if you don’t know it? What are you seeking? To be better at something? To learn more about something? Find someone who knows. Follow them. Put yourself out there and see what opportunities come your way. We don’t ever get to the point where we know it all. There is always something to learn. This is a good thing! Exciting and full of possibilities…

Have fun!!

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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