Do you ever go into a Fitness Class just because you feel like you should? What is going through your head? Are you whining about it’s too hard? It’s too easy? The music is too loud? The room is too cold? The instructor is annoying you?

Can you cut that crap out? What did you go in there for? For a workout I hope. And what is the end goal? To get to a happier, more satisfied place, I assume.

So ask yourself this: Are you going to get to that place by whining? Cancel those crappy thoughts! Replace with something more useful and supportive of your goal!

Remember: You get out of it what you put into it!! YOU decide what you get out of the class!

I teach a lot of classes. I see all kinds of attitudes in action. People who look very concentrated on what they are doing, people who smile, people who look tired, people who shine with exhuberance…  just a whole bunch of different types of people. I also have the people who don’t do half of the exercises and look at me like I’m nuts when I keep dishing it out. Hello, we’re in a fitness class. Again I ask, what did you come here for?

So do it, seriously. Ask yourself that question. “What did I come here for?” You will get an answer from your intuition. Pay attention to it. It may be that you came to the class to look funny sideways at the teacher, but I’m guessing not.

So there’s your homework. Ask yourself before the class “What did I come here for?”

Then “How can I achieve this?”

Then your positive statement declaring what you are going to give to get what you want “I am going to do my best in all of the exercises and will leave the class feeling exhilarated!” or some such. At the beginning of class, set an intention for yourself.

It is worth repeating that YOU decide what you want, pave the path, and then that’s what you get. It’s up to you

Have FUN!!

Your Personal Development Fitness Coach!!

Miranda Zukowski

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