Happy Saturday!!

I am writing to you after just returning home from MOMA.  Here’s the thing. I understand that, as a society, we have a hard time grasping the concept of happiness, or contentment. But it really hit home for me today.

I went to see an exhibit with some friends. I had no preconceived notion of the exhibit, and had never heard of the artist, and just went in with an open mind. In the first room, there was a video of the artist screaming until she lost her voice, dancing until she passed out, and brushing her hair to the point of pain saying something to the effect of the artist must be beautiful. There were also pictures on the walls depicting shots from performances she has given. One where she took 2 different kinds of drugs given to mental patients to see what would happen. For the first part of the performance she had seizures and the for the second part she passed out completely.

I started to feel sick to my stomach and wondered what she was trying to convey. Everything in the exhibit was pushing the limits. Running into a column until she passed out. Cutting a pentagram on her stomach. Things like that. I stopped reading the descriptions.

I can’t say I know what she intended, but I know I felt sick to my stomach. I got the impression of severe pain and unhappiness with her being. Why? I understand this is just one person’s attempt at conveying her perspective. So I left that exhibit and walked around the museum to find happier things to shift my mood.

And here’s when it struck me. There weren’t happier things. Granted there wasn’t anything else that was more disturbing, but there was nothing with any joy in it. So are we really this unhappy with our lives and our selves? How do you feel about yourSelf and your Life? What is your interpretation of society’s contentment level? The world?

Do we want to be miserable? Is there something we are getting out of it? If you feel miserable a majority of the time, ask yourself out loud if it is serving you. If the answer is yes, then great! If the answer is no, then reach for a higher vibration. Meaning, it’s not necessary to lie flat out and say you’re loving life when you’re not. You want to be authentic. The way to do it is to take baby steps. So if you’re depressed, you could reach for anger. That’s a step up. You could take it a step up to blame. And then take it up to disappointment, then up to pessimism, then perhaps hopefulness, optimism and maybe on up to enthusiasm and passion!

So you see, just baby steps. Now how do you do it? You already know. Identify the things that shift energy for you. Maybe certain music, or a fitness class, fresh cut flowers, a phone call to a friend, watermelon, who knows! We’re each different on these things, but you know what works for you.

Purposefully shifting your energy takes practice. You’ve got to identify what your shift buttons are and practice pushing them when you need them. Remember, what you focus on expands.

I have been practicing for a while. So as soon as I walked out of the museum, I soaked in a few rays of sunshine, and smiled at a few strangers and had shifted my mood. But I remained perplexed on the fact of why there was so much misery on display. I’d love to help make a change there.

There is a book by Marci Schimoff called “Happy For No Reason”. Check it out! We could use a happiness revolution. Spread our happiness instead of our misery. What do you think?!

Your Happy Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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