Previously, we covered the importance of sleep in order to maintain a healthy life. That was number one on our list of 9 Steps to All Over Health. Today we’ll delve into the importance of drinking enough water.  Keep in mind that none of these works on its own- it needs the others for you to receive full benefits.
Here is a recap of the list:
1-Sleep 8 hours every night
2-Drink plenty of water (8 glasses a day)
3-Lower your sugar  and processed foods intake
4-Eat your 9 servings of fruit and veggies everyday
5-Take a multi-vitamin supplement because it is impossible to get all we need from our diet. (That doesn’t mean you don’t get to eat healthy- it’s a SUPPLEMENT, not an ALLOVERMENT. This approach is just to cover your ‘assets’ to make sure you are living your best life)
6-Lower stress (2 suggestions- Yoga and Meditation. But whatever works for you.)
7-Get your cardiovascular exercise (10,000 steps a day. I have pedometers for you if you don’t already have one. Email me and I’ll mail one to you for $5) Simply walking keeps your heart healthy and your bones strong. It’s so simple! Of course, you can up it a few notches by adding more cardio such a running or going on an elliptical machine.
8- Do your Pilates for a healthy spine and core to carry your healthy body that will keep you up and running around for years and years and YEARS to come! Strength training is excellent in general, but make sure not to forget about keeping your spine in proper alignment or you won’t see benefits. And it will hurt.
9-Enlist a Support Team. I know I said it was simple, but honestly, it is a challenge to get ourselves to do the things that we tell ourselves that we will do. We need to be held accountable. You can have a buddy system with a friend or group of friends, or you can hire a coach or therapist depending on your individual needs and goals.
Here are 10 benefits from drinking 8 glasses of water per day…
1-Healthy Skin
2-Flush Toxins
3-Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Attack
4-Cushion And Lube Your Joints And Muscles
5-Get Energized And Be Alert
6-Stay Regular
7-Reduce Your Risk Of Disease And Infection
8-Regulate Your Body Temperature
9-Burn More Fat And Build More Muscle
10-Faster recovery from illness 
Here’s an experiment for the next 7 days:
Every morning when you wake up, beginning tomorrow, drink a full glass of water before you hit the coffee. If you don’t drink coffee, then great! That water will replenish your system which is dehydrated after sleeping 8 hrs. This gives you energy and flushes out your system. Add a squeeze of lemon for a little extra toxin cleanse. Note how you usually feel, and then note how you feel by the end of the  7 days. Are you as exhausted as usual? How does your skin look?
We’ll cover more on drinking enough water (but not too much!) in posts to follow.
Drink up!!
Your Wellness Coach,
Miranda Zukowski


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