What do you think about when you are in a fitness class? Do you think about what you’re going to eat for dinner? Do you think of all the crap you put up with at work that day? Do you ponder your current relationship issues? What in the world are you thinking about?

What if, and I’m just throwing this out there, you thought about what you were doing? Seriously. Do you think you would get more out of it? Yes. You would.

I’m coming from the assumption that you’re there to get stronger and improve yourself in some way, mentally and or physically.

If you are in class to decompress from your daily grind, then you may show up to mentally vent. Get through the venting quickly, and then move on as venting may help you decompress, but it will keep you stuck where you are.  Keep in mind that whatever you focus on shows up in your life more. So if you’re in class thinking about how you hate your job, then your job is going to give you more reasons to hate it.  It’s just the way it works, folks.

If you’re in class and you’re doing lunges and you’re thinking “my legs are getting stronger- right now!” then guess what!! They ARE going to get stronger, faster than if you hadn’t been focusing on it.

Being in a fitness class is a great time to practice being present and focus on what you are doing.  When you can become fully present in any moment, you are then more in control to what goes on in your life and how affected you are by the minutiae. By practicing being fully present, we begin to move away from the mechanical way we habitually go through life, and start to live life on purpose. 

If you can practice being present in a class, you will become stronger faster, and you will begin to enjoy your life more. Your perspective overall will widen and you will see things you had blinders to previously.

How do you do this? Simply by paying attention to what you are doing in every moment. Practice in your fitness class. Think about what you want out of that lunge, or the push-up, or the rear delt flies. Then check in with yourself to see how you feel after class.

Do it on purpose.


Your Wellness Coach/Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor/Pilates and Yoga Instructor/Adventure Guide,

Miranda Zukowski

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