After my kickboxing class tonight one of my students asked me if I ever get tired or worn out while teaching. My immediate answer was no. But, I told her, I could be falling over tired before a class. Once I start teaching I get into my groove.

Why is this? It’s because I leave my drama and personal junk at the door. There really is no other option. When you are teaching,  or however you serve others, your focus is on THEM, not YOU! This is remarkable therapy. By putting your energy and your focus on others you lift yourself out of your junk and take yourself to a whole new level where so much more is possible!

After every class I teach I am exhilarated and full of life and energy! I feel amazing. I think this is possible in any service when you’re truly doing what you are called to do.

If you know what you are called to do, find a way to do more of it.  If you’re not yet sure what to do, make a list of things you enjoy and find time to take part in these activities. You will meet new people and new doors will open for you. Maybe you are called to take a photography class at the Y, or a dance class at Broadway Dance Centre. Or an acting class at Michael Howard Studios. Whatever it is- go there- show up- and the next step will reveal itself to you.

Have fun!

Your Wellness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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