So what did you do this weekend? Did you have Monday, the 5th, off as well? I gotta be honest here, I have been trying to figure out what to write in this week’s blog post for about an hour and nothing is coming to me. Why’s that? My mind is blissfully EMPTY! I can’t get it to do anything! So, I figured, I’ll write about that.

It was such a brain relaxing weekend. I took my computer out of town with me, but it didn’t see the light of day. Even the blackberry was shut off for most of the weekend.

So what did I do? I ate, I slept, I swam, I rowed in a canoe, I hung out with friends, I hiked, you know- I was alive, in my body and in the moment of whatever I was doing. And my New York Mind was shut off!

Now I can’t say I’m too worried about flipping the switch back to on, I’m just too mellowed out right now.  I figure it’ll switch back on when it needs to…

But back to- what did YOU do? When is the last time you existed in the moment of where you were? Just being in the present moment. Was it this weekend? If not, then when? Did you like the feeling?

There’s nothing wrong with the ‘New York State of Mind’, and many of you who don’t live in New York, you still get what I’m saying. It’s the running around, what do I need to do next to have set in place the this for the that so that this doesn’t completely collapse and fall apart…  No, we need to have a handle on these things too, they are part of our lives, and help us to feel productive and useful. But I believe, for a healthy mind and healthy body, there’s got to be a balance between the running and the being.  You need to just exist and be with who you are in the present moment sometimes.

If you haven’t been to that Present Moment Place in a while, come out with me sometime. Come take a class at Equinox, or a relaxing Mirlates class, or take me up on a ParkFit class, or maybe a dayVenture biking and hiking. There’s one coming up in September in New Paltz. Stay tuned for that.

Share, if you’d like, what you did this weekend and if you felt that feeling of just being. Ahhhh, nice!

Cheers to you and Happy 4th!

Miranda Zukowski

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