Everything in your life is a Result. Your weight is a result. Your financial situation is a result. The state of your relationships is a result. You get the picture.

So then I have to ask: Are you happy with your results?

If yes- FANTASTIC! Keep up the good work!

If not- ask yourself what you are thinking and what you are doing/or not doing to bring you your current results.

You cannot fix the situation without getting to the root of the problem.

Let’s look at that literally. Think of your life as a tree. You may think the fruits on the tree are too sour or maybe there are bugs in the fruit. Maybe the fruits aren’t growing as they should. In any case, complaining about the fruit that exists now isn’t going to fix them. Even sending the current fruits ‘positive vibes’ isn’t going to fix them. They are what they are. You’ve got to go to the roots of your tree if you want the fruit to be different.

Your results are an effect of the choices you have made. Unless you alter your choices, the results will stay the same. So what do you want?

First- look at what you are thinking. When you think something that is not useful to you, hit your cancel button and replace the thought with another that is closer to serving your purpose. It doesn’t have to be too far out there. It just needs to be something you can grasp. Just a slightly better thought than the one that it is replacing. You can work slowly up the ladder of your thoughts.

Second- what are you saying out loud? What do you say to your friends? Are you complaining on your facebook wall posts? Whatever you put out there is extremely potent. Why? Because you give meaning to your words and you believe them, whether you’re aware of this or not.  When people you interact with hear what you say, it strengthens the meaning. For example- how you believe others see you affects to some degree how you see yourself in most cases. So watch what you say. Just make it easier for yourself by leaving out the stuff that isn’t serving your purpose.

Third- what ACTIONS are you taking? Taking a nap is an action. Watching 5 hours of tv is an action. Eating ice cream is an action. Going to the gym is an action. Calling a friend, buying a pair of shoes, staring at the wall, reading a book, putting your legs over your head. All actions. So what are you doing to get you your current results? Decide what actions will lead you towards your goal, and put a plan in place. For example: Every day write down your goal and three action steps, however small, that will lead you towards that goal.

Once that is done, you have set yourself a new path. You will head down that path and eventually get to where you are going.

Cheers to that!!!

Your Wellness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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