I just got back from a fantastic White Water Rafting trip on the Lehigh River in Pennsylvania. It was a day trip, it was a lot of car time, the food was crap, and it was ALLLLL worth it!!!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day, and we were out on our raft, meeting new people and just enjoying being outside. Lately, one of the questions I ask my clients all the time keeps popping into my head; “Are you breathing???”

Sometimes, I must say, my own answer is NO. I am doing something that resembles breathing that is air coming into my nose, making it halfway down my trachea and then coming right back up. That’s not breathing!

So, in order to practice better what I preach, not to mention enjoy my moments more, I made a point of stopping every now and then and paying attention to my breath. I just stopped myself to take a moment to breathe deeply in and fill up my body with the amazing crisp clean air around me and then let it out. And I felt wonderful! I noticed how beautiful the water was, and I was so happy to be right where I was on the planet. The air felt great, the people were great, and I was GREAT!! No worries of tomorrow or what happened yesterday. Just right now, and the air, the water, the trees and the abundance of life.

When the moment would pass, I didn’t try to grab onto it. I let it go. And then a little further down the river I would make a point of breathing again. Just paying attention to my breath.

When was the last time you just focused on your breath? On what is around you? On life?

What a fantastic day!! Hope your weekend was fantastic as well.

Oh, and I fell out of my boat 🙂 But that’s a story for another day…


Your Wellness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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