You already know that I believe having body work done is very important for your well being, for a number of reasons. Of course, the number 1 reason is that a professional practitioner will find imbalances in you that you may not see that are either already causing you discomfort and pain, or are going to in the future. You will regain your equilibrium, and then you keep going to maintain the balance. And it feels good! You may think it’s self indulgent, but it’s actually an important part of self care.

I went to massage therapist, Kirsten Summa, for the first time this past Friday. When you first walk into the office and see her small stature, you may think “How can she deliver the goods?”, but looks can be deceiving, especially in this instance. Once her hands began to expertly knead into my back I realized she is the real deal. It felt amazing! But also, there were a few necessary moments of pain where she massaged through my knotted up muscles and got them loosened up. In her straight forward, no-nonsense manner, she gave me a full, and correct, assessment of my dance background in relation to my joints and muscles (none of which I had told her ahead of time). She also described how I was off center in my rib cage and left hip and how we were going to work together to recenter my body. I have been, as she says “off center” for ages! And no amount of Pilates or Yoga is doing the trick (although of course these modalities do help!). I need Kirsten! And when I find someone so wonderful and good at what she does, of course I want to share her with you.

I also found, after I arrived home, that she had loosened up more than my muscles. I felt achey in a flu-ish kind of way, and this may not sound like fun to you, but trust me it was good. Her massage loosened up toxins in my system and I did my job and flushed them out by drinking some juice and resting. Later in the evening I felt FANTASTIC! I thought that was pretty darn cool.

Therefore, I made a deal with Kirsten…

We came up with a Holiday Package that is perfect for you, or the perfect gift for someone you love.

Receive TWO Personal Training Sessions and ONE Massage for $225.

That’s a savings of $75!!! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a client of mine for a while, if you are brand new, or if you’re a clients of Kirsten’s. We’re offering this discount to all! The idea is, of course, to utilize all three in one week to get the most benefit. However, you can spread it out as you like. The last day to purchase is December 31st, and the last day to utilize is March 31, 2011.

If you are interested in this package or if you would like to contact Kirsten, please email me at miranda@mirzukfitness.com

Be Well and Feel Fantastic!!

Your Wellness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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