How’s that?  In your pj’s and comfy slippers with a hot cup ‘o joe while you EARN at LEAST 2%+ CASH BACK ON YOUR SHOPPING! In many cases it’s more than 2%!

I am not big on shopping. I don’t really shop on the internet and I don’t go in too many stores. And I find this fun, so if you like to shop as much as me (and most people shop WAY more than me) then this will be fun for you, too!

I’ve been doing this for a couple of years for my holiday shopping. Last year I earned cashback with the gifts I purchased from Bath & Body Works, Walter Drake, Best Buy and Drugstore.com. But there are SO many options! I think this online mall has over 900 stores now. I love it! 

And if you’re not sure what to get people, just log on and search the stores. I get great ideas that way. It helps that they are all together on the one site.
And what’s better than cash back? Uh, nothing! Here are a few of the stores listed, but like I said, there are over 900, so check them out yourself. Saks, Bloomingdale’s, eBAY, Petco, iTunes, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, EMS, DSW, Drugstore.com, Diapers.com, Travelocity, Athleta, Gap, Expedia, Avis, Thrifty, Ticketmaster, Target, WalMart, JC Penney, Crate&Barrel, Bed Bath & Beyond, Gap, Old Navy, Land’s End, Harry & David, Bluefly, Ace Hardware, Crabtree & Evelyn
I bet you see a store in there that you shop at anyway. Why not get the cashback?
Here’s what you do: Go to www.marketamerica.com/mirzuk and sign up as a preferred customer to get your cash back. It’s self explanatory from there, but here are the 3 steps just in case…
1.       Go to www.marketamerica.com/mirzuk and register as a preferred customer to open your cash back account. It’s free & that’s how they know who to give the cash back to! You don’t get added to any mailing lists, so you sign up to get your cashback and that’s it!
2.       Search for cashback deals using the search bar and typing in the item you’re looking for or click on the shop partners tab and find your favorite retailer. Look for the stores with the ma Cashback symbol (a littel green “dollar bill”) and find great deals on the products you want.  Your results will list the cashback you will earn and the savings you receive off the store price, plus your bottom line price. Compare and sort products by the best price, store, brand, or cashback amount. And don’t worry if you don’t see the ma Cashback symbol-they are adding stores all the time, so check back often.
When you find what you want, just click through and purchase as usual (you can still use any coupon codes available online (check the hot deals tab to see what’s available at your favorite store) and you can pay however you would normally.
Save each time you shop with ma Cashback. You can use your ma Cashback anytime and for any amount. To redeem your ma Cashback, simply select the ma Cashback payment option at checkout to apply the available cash in your account to your purchase.  OR Once you accumulate $50 or more in your ma Cashback account, you can request that your cashback be sent to you, if you prefer. Love that!
Finally Step 3…EARN MORE by referring everyone you know.  You will earn ½% Cash Back on all of the qualified purchases made by anyone you refer to the site (as long as they indicate you are the one who recommended it to them). 
Remember, the site is www.marketamerica.com/mirzuk.  Set it as your home page so you never forget to check for cash back deals first when shopping online and be sure you’re logged in to be credited for everything you earn.
Feel free to contact me with questions and/or for a “tour” of the site so you can learn your way around the “mall” and get paid to do the shopping you’re doing anyway. It’s so easy to make this shopping thing work for you. Have fun!!
Yours in Happy Holiday Spirits!

Miranda Zukowski

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