Happy New Year, 2o11!! Got Resolutions?

Have you ever stuck with your New Year’s Resolutions? If so, FANTASTIC!  If not, here’s a reason why that could be…

Your conscious brain controls MAYBE  4% of the choices you make. That means 96% (or more!) of your actions are commanded by your subconscious mind. So how do you consciously go about getting your subconscious to support you in your resolutions?

There are a ton of tools. Repitition is a huge one. The use of affirmations in the present tense, no matter how silly they may seem, sends your message to your subconscious brain. So, if you want to weigh 125 lbs the affirmation might be “I now look and feel great at 125 lbs!” Say it or write it at least 10x per day and you’ll see that your subconscious is getting through and your reality will show you new results within one month. Why is this? It takes about 30 days to create a new habit, and you are creating new thinking habits which affect what you do in the physical word- i.e. eating and exercise habits that affect your weight and how you feel about yourself.

Another huge way to get through the rough spots (you know, when all those people with their resolutions suddenly stop showing up at the gym…) is to get someone to hold you accountable. These two tools, affirmations and accountability are FREE and undeniably a huge helping hand in getting you where you want to be. You can ask a friend to work out with you or check in with each other weekly with your food and exercise journals.

Here’s an added bonus: MirZuk Fitness trainers are offering a ridiculous New Year’s Special to help you get off on the right foot for 2011. We will hold you accountable and give you 3 introductory sessions for $150!! That’s only $50 for each individual session, which is absolutely unheard of. We really do want to help you and we love seeing you succeed, so that’s why we are offering this special. It’s a no-brainer. This offer will end on January 31st. To take advantage of this offer send an email to miranda@mirzukfitness.com with ‘New Year’s Special’ in the subject line.

Get in Shape and STAY in shape this time around!! Use the tools that work to help you stay on track and let us help you on this fun journey.

Happy New Year!!

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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