Seems I made an error in judgment. I am going to confess. See, I always default to thinking that the reason people aren’t working out is because they can’t afford the necessary guidance. So I created this special to promote my better than fabulous partners, and I undercut us on price to the point that no one with any credibility can compete. I made it so that no one can use “I can’t afford it” as an excuse. I made our special so low, it’s sorta stupid. My bad.

What is the special? It’s simply three 45 minute introductory personal training sessions for $150.

What I didn’t fully realize is that people base their decisions on value, not on price. If it is ‘worth’ it to them, they will commit. So what the heck is three cheap personal training sessions? Just that. Blow $150 for 3 cheap personal training sessions. What’s the point? What do you get out of it? What gives?!

I’ve already committed to the special, so I will follow it through until the promised date of January 31st. After that I will never make this mistake again. I will promise you value instead of cheapness.

That said, what do you get from these three 45 minute sessions?

1-One on one personalized hands on guidance from a fitness professional in weight training, pilates, yoga or boxing.

2-A fitness evaluation that will give you the information you need to figure out what you, specifically you, need to do to reach your particular fitness goals.

3-A one on one chat with me, identifying your goals, the things that block you from achieving your goals, and how to overcome those blocks.

Besides all that, we are fun! I have seen plenty of people come to their session grumpy and ‘not feeling like it’. I have NEVER seen anyone leave without a smile on their face. So, guaranteed energy switch! If you don’t feel better by the time you leave your session, I am right here right now, guaranteeing your money back. But ya gotta be honest.

So, like I said, I am going to follow through on my promise with this special until January 31st. After that date, I will never repeat this special again! From here on out, the focus will be value.

Here’s to Value!

Your Wellness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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