How often do we get to live life full out? What does that even mean to you? What would you be doing, right now, if you were living your life full out? Why aren’t you doing it?

For me, living life full out means getting outside and putting myself in new locales with lots of new experiences. It also means utilizing my body to run, jump, and play in as many ways as I can get it to! We are blessed with these wonderful bodies. Arms and legs, hands and feet, all bendy and twisty and strong  to do what we want them to do and soo much potential! I feel so lucky to have this gift and I want to play play play. Play!

Would they be all bendy and twisty and strong  if I didn’t utilize them on a regular basis? No. When you don’t use this gift what happens? You know what happens. You lose it. You feel old and creaky and dull. So why not play? Why not enjoy using your gift?

This is the reason I came up with FitVentures. I was doing all of these things and living my life full out! Going here, going there, playing, climbing, jumping, swimming. Then it occurred to me that maybe other people wanted this opportunity too, but didn’t know how to create it for themselves. I wanted to share. So that’s where FitVentures came from.

And the combination of these things completes me. All of the above amazing things PLUS being able to affect people in a positive way through my creation! What a feeling!

So, again, what does it mean to you to live your life full out? Your answer may be similar to mine, or it may be completely different. Either way, there’s no reason for you not to be living your life the way you desire.

Make a plan. Write it down. Take the steps to implement and then follow through. Keep me posted 🙂

You only get one life, you might as well be living it.

Here’s to your LIFE!!

Your Wellness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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