It’s Valentine’s Day. We must discuss love. You may think this is cheesey and unnecessary, but humor me for ONE minute. Try this experiment. Point to yourself.

Where are you pointing?

Chances are, you are pointing to your heart. Nobody seems to point to their eyeball, kneecap, or gluteus maximus. Why’s that? Because, instinctively, we feel our heart is the essence of who we are. Cynical or not- check yourself out. Pointing at your heart. And there you go.

So what am I getting at? Happiness. For her book, “Happy For No Reason”, Marci Shimoff interviewed 100 of the happiest people she could find. The #1 factor they all shared was that they let love lead their lives. They have the same pains, disappointments, setbacks and problems that everyone else has, but the difference is how they deal with these negative aspects of life. They make their decisions based on love.

What’s the alternative? Fear. Your choices boil down to love or fear. For example “I better work more hours or I am going to lose this job” vs “I want to take a vacation day to spend with my family”. So on, so forth. We make thousands of decisions every day. Most of them we make from habit. Check yourself out today. Find at least one decision you are faced with. Ask yourself- am I making this decision based on love? Or fear? Whatever choice you make, be aware of it.

I have made a decision based on fear this week, I’ll admit it. I am aware of it, and I will be faced with the same decision again next week. I plan to change my decision, but just needed a little more cushion time before I take the leap. It is a challenging decision and I am afraid of what I will lose if I follow through on what my heart tells me. One thing I know for sure is that if I make my decision based on love (in this case, what I love to do) then I will be happy. If I make the decision based on fear I will feel constricted and unhappy.

So check yourself out. Are you making your decisions based on fear? Or love?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your Wellness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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