A smooth flowing blend of Yoga and Pilates designed by Miranda Zukowski to help women who can’t seem to find time for themselves and their health in their busy worlds. Mirlates will help you to release tension and ease back pain, all while alleviating stress. This class helps you let go of the extra baggage, while effectively strengthening and stretching all areas of the body.

There are 3 main focuses:

  1. Strengthening the Core:  This class focuses on your core, which comprises all of the muscles that stabilize your spine. All movement you do in life initiates in your spine, and one of the negative impacts of an unhealthy spine is that you use up too much of your energy just trying to get through your day. This class will guide you towards a healthy spine, which has numerous health benefits and free up your energy! You will also increase your overall strength and flexibility!
  2. Decompress: Many of us are overwhelmed by all we do. This class uses breathing techniques to bring you back to your center, and dump the junk that is no longer serving you. So while nothing may change on the outside, your perspective will change. You will leave class feeling level-headed, knowing exactly what you need to do next. It is more productive to take an hour out of your day to do the class, than it is to continue to run around like a maniacal hamster on a wheel.
  3. Energy: As mentioned above, when you lengthen and strengthen your spine you free up your energy, which you can then use in any way you choose. Having enough energy is critical to your life and you must make time to recharge your battery, which is what this class is designed to do, to get the most from your time on this planet.

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