On a recent call I gave for one of my programs I read an excerpt from Kris Carr’s book “Crazy Sexy Diet”, which is WAY more than a ‘diet’ book (I don’t like how the word ‘diet’ is used in our society. Diet means what you eat, not starving yourself. It simply means “what you eat”), and in the excerpt she mentions that in this country we spend way more on sickness than wellness and we are way off balance. A study that she mentions says that this will be the first generation where the children will die before their parents. This is due in part to the availability of ‘foods’ that are literally poison to our bodies. Notice how many children these days are gluten intolerant, have all these allergies, down syndrome is on the rise, etc. Were the other kids all sick and obese when you were 10 years old? You will see the signs of our poisonous lifestyles if you just stop to look around for a moment.
People purposely don’t educate themselves because they’re afraid of what they might find out, and they think they won’t be able to do anything about it. Well, look at it the other way- if you educate yourself then you have the power to change. It’s not as hard as you may think to start creating a healthy lifestyle. Just take one new piece of information in every day, and before you know it you’ll have a solid foundation for health and your healthy lifestyle will influence friends and family to also begin to live healthier lives.
As far as the “children starting to die before their parents” goes- I have 2 stories for you.
1st story – I have a client whose permission I have to share the following story. Seems the day after Christmas, her brother went in for bowel surgery. He suffered complications from the surgery and as a result his kidneys failed. His MOTHER had to make the decision to keep him off machines and order a DNR. He died on Tuesday this week. He was 49. No parent should have to bury their child! Why do you suppose he needed bowel surgery in the first place?
And that’s not all…
2nd story- On January 10th a friend of mine went to pick her daughter up from school. When they walked into their home, my friends husband was dead on the floor. His child and wife found him dead, and his parents flew up late last night to bury him. Another hard hit, and an example of the child dying before the parents. Can you even imagine the horror of this? It’s true you never know when you’re going to go, but can you do your best to make sure you at least stick around for your child’s high school graduation? Surely there is some motivation in that?
So what does it take to motivate oneself to prevent his or her own ill health? Are the freaking potato chips REALLY that good? It is your responsibility to take care of your body and your self. It’s not a game, and it isn’t just about you. It’s about everyone you touch. Your children, your spouse, your parents, your siblings, your friends, your coworkers- everyone you touch. So many people are hurt by these deaths I just mentioned, and there are stories like that every day. Needless death and needless pain. 
I am very affected by both of these stories, and I wanted to share with you to emphasize how important YOUR health is. When you have one of those days where you say to yourself “But it’s too hard” or “what’s the point” or “why bother”, please remember the stories I just shared. It is worth it. Every choice you make makes a difference in your life. Choose wisely.

I create simple, easy to follow programs to help people get back on track (or get on track in the first place!). It’s true that society is offering a lot of killer stuff (seriously), but it is not as hard as you think to live a healthier lifestyle. And it is only getting easier the more we educate ourselves and become aware of what’s going on.

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Health & Happiness to you and your family!!

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski