Take it off, KEEP it off…

What in the world am I talking about? Weight! So many people try to lose weight. Some do not succeed at all. Others succeed, but then go right back to their crappy habits and gain it all back. Very few actually take it off and keep it off. What’s holding you back?

We’ve all heard it, many of us have done it: You change your ‘diet’ in order to reach a short term weight loss goal and then you turn around after you’ve achieved it and go right back to your old habits, and as a result you put the weight right back on. And, in many cases, you put on more weight because you’ve messed with your metabolism so your calories are getting burned at a different rate. Well, that’s just no fun. How can we avoid this from happening?

I have 5 tricks to share with you and today I am going to share Trick #1




Short term goals are great, but when it comes to weight loss, we are talking about lifestyle changes. Yes, it’s overwhelming and big. Do you want the goal, or not?


Ok, so step #1 then, is to change how you think about diet. The word ‘diet’ means to most people cutting out foods you like so that you can lose weight. It’s something that you ‘go on’ for a short period of time to reach a predetermined weight goal. When you reach the goal, you are done with the ‘diet’. You go back to your old habits and you gain the weight right back.

What the word ‘diet’ actually means is what you eat. Your diet is what you eat. Forever. Period.

Step #2 is to BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND! This concept comes from Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” (Great book! Very applicable to life). It works for all areas of life, including weight loss goals. What do you want to look like? Feel like? How do you want your clothes to fit?
You have to make the goal tangible. One way to do this is to create a vision board (my preference). You can add motivational quotes that speak to you, pictures of yourself, pictures of people you want to emulate, ideas, anything that visually entices you to hit that goal.
Step #3 is to break the goal into doable parts to reach the goal weight. Try adding in one new healthy habit per week. Focus on the positive, meaning the addition of healthy habits, as opposed to what you need to cut out. When you begin to notice how the new habits make you feel, you won’t be as attracted to the old habits that make you feel fat and lethargic. The weight will magically start to drop away!
Apply these simple steps to your life and watch the transformation!!
To your Magnificent Health!
Your Fitness Coach,
Miranda Zukowski

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