I kicked  off an incredible program TODAY-  Monday, March 26th, designed to help you get your body ready for Summer 2012!

You still have time to join and get the program for HALF OFF!

Do you have an idea of how you want to look & feel? Let me help you get the results you want!


This program is  3 months of butt-kicking goodness, designed to set you on your path for all around health.

In my programs I cover what I call the 4 Pillars of Health, which are physical fitness, nutrition,

stress & sleep.


The focus of this program is to build healthy habits that will last you a lifetime. I am personally

going to be helping you get where you want to be- offering inspiration and motivation when

you hit a wall, answering your questions and however else I need to get in there and help you

get to where you want to be.


You will receive one new fitness video per week. They start easy and get progressively more

challenging. You’ll find yourself waking up on Monday morning excited to check for your

newest workout!


You will receive  3 weekly articles focused on different aspects of health, from different sources.

The articles will build your knowledge base so that you are creating your own informed

opinions as opposed to taking anyone else’s word for anything.


You’ll receive 3 weekly recipes designed to open your mind to healthy options without

overwhelming you.


There will also be a weekly call, and this is INCREDIBLY useful in helping you

stay on track with the program! Come to the call live for best results, but if you

can’t make it- there will always be a recording for your convenience.


Lots more healthy goodness is offered in this program, and right now I have

a CRAZY offer for you!


This offer is designed for those of you who REALLY want to see a change!

So if you’re tired of getting what you’ve always gotten, sign up for this program.

At half off, the investment is more than worth it,  but it’s ONLY available

until MIDNIGHT tonight- Monday, March 26th!

The time to take action is NOW.


Here’s the link to read more about the program and to sign up:


Can’t wait to help you reach your fitness and health goals!!!

Healthy Happy,

Your Fitness Coach



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