Here’s one of the topics that continues to perplex me, as I see people interested in weight loss because

they want to be thin, vs weight loss because they want to be healthy. I’ve seen many people, in fact, go for

extreme weight loss at the risk of their health! I’ve watched their hormones go all wonky and their hair start

to fall out. But they did get thin!! They were miserable and constipated and their hair looked terrible,

but they were thin!!

And this week I was the guest expert being interviewed on the Acupuncture Empowerment Hour,

where I got to speak on this very topic.


It is understandable to want to be ‘THIN’. It’s what’s acceptable in this society. It’s ‘sexy’, it suggests

power and it even suggests health (even if this isn’t always the case). But what do all of these things bring you? What exactly are you

going for here? Is it really just to be ‘thin’ or is it a feeling?

It’s always a feeling that we’re after. We think it will make us happy in one way or another. That’s why we’re after it.

That’s why you see thin people who are unhappy. They went for what they thought would make them happy

and it didn’t. The trick is to seek the happiness itself, not the extra ‘thing’ that you think will make you happy.


It is also understandable that ‘HEALTH’ is not a big motivator. It took me a while to see it, but then I realized this

was true even for me! Health just seems like a far off airy fairy sort of goal. Who focuses on preventing cancer?

People worry about getting it, but they don’t do much to prevent it.

They’d rather “run for the cure”. Think about that. It’s sort of funny. Just prevent the stuff in the first place.

I’m not saying it’s always preventable, but I am saying that usually it is.

Point is, health seems like a difficult, very far off, somewhat unachievable goal.

So no wonder it’s not a big motivator.


The thing about ‘health’ is that, when you are healthy, you are happy. You’ve achieved that feeling!

You’ve reached the end goal!!! Of courseit is a balance and needs to be maintained, but once you put

healthy habits into place, the path gets more and more obvious and easy to follow. I promise!


The reason that Healthy = Happy is because when you’re healthy that means all your systems are running

at their most efficient. And when your body and your mind are running at their most efficient and all your

hormones are working the way they need to be for your best well being, you will naturally be HAPPY!


Not only that, but you will be at the optimum healthy weight for your unique body. You will not be over weight!

I’m not saying you will be ‘thin’- there are some weird ideas out there about just how ‘thin’ we should be, and

not every body is meant to look like a stick. Go with your flow- get healthy, get happy and the weight will even

out to where it needs to be for your ultimate overall well being.


To hear more on this topic, listen in to the radio show from this past week:


Have a beautiful HEALTHY week!!

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski