I flew out to Denver this past weekend for a conference on how
to monetize your business and re-pattern your habits and energy so
that you actually allow the money in. It was an intense 2 days in a
room with no windows with fake light and fake air. I could listen
to these people all day, but knowing it’s beautiful outside and
just sitting there ALL day was a bit much (a LOT much) for me. My
skin literally itches to go outside. At one point I went rogue for
2 hours, but I picked up where I left off. Anyway, I digress…

The POINT is that it was fantastic information and the energy in
the room was great and they gave me all sorts of “aHA!” moments and

I’m writing about one of my “aHA!” moments.

At one point in the day, the woman leading the program, Kristin
Morelli, was talking about all these practical business ideas and
creating programs that will really and truly help people. And I
realized, I am already DOING that. She asked if we had people we
are already helping, and a website, and a bunch of other things,
and hardly anyone raised their hands. I have worked hard to achieve
all of those things.

Then it hit me, I already KNOW all of this! I am already DOING
all of this! I am further along than I thought I was, and I know
what to do to move forward, I just have to do it!

The thing is, I’m an information junkie. I am always reading, or
taking business courses and learning more about how I can better
help people. I spend SO much time learning, that I cut out the
actual implementation. What’s up with that? It’s time to implement!

Can you relate to this? I’m curious what your experience is. I think
I just didn’t trust that I knew enough, but this event confirmed it
for me. Of course I can always learn more, but it’s time to actually
utilize the info I’ve got in my brain NOW!! Time to TAKE ACTION!

Oh, and Colorado is beautiful! I am loving life 🙂

Your Fitness Coach,
Miranda Zukowski