You don’t need  a Personal Trainer if…

1- You are self motivated

2- You work alone and never benefit from any sort of accountability

3- You are able to plan your workouts in order to get the results you are looking for

4- You will take that plan and execute it consistently in order to achieve the result

5- You are able to execute your plan safely and efficiently

6- You are motivated to continue to create goals and keep this process going in order to keep yourself healthy

If you are the person described above, then you don’t need a personal trainer. You are doing just fine on your own. What I’ve noticed, though, is that there are maybe 1 in 100 people that fit this bill. And I think the number is that high because I work at a gym. I think that out there, in the ‘real’ world, it’s probably more like 1 in 1000.

If you’re not sure if you are the self motivated type, then I have a suggestion that will help you to figure out which category you fall under and what it is you need to get you to your goals. I have a Fit & Healthy Tribe of people who benefit from holding each other accountable. The program is a relaxed approach to fitness- right in between the self motivated type and the people who need a personal trainer to get out of bed in the morning. Many people try it out in order to see where they fall in this lineup. The Tribe consists of one 10 minute video per month, one Q&A call with me per month, a weekly recipe, and a monthly ‘Challenge’. If you try it out and you can’t get yourself to do the video even ONE time, then you definitely need a personal trainer! If you try it out, and you are able to follow along, then you’re good to go. It’s a super efficient and inexpensive way to stay fit & healthy, and it’s only $8.09 per month.

But, to help you out, I will give you the first month for free! That way, you can see which category you fall under and if you are the self motivated type, you can opt out, or if you can’t get yourself to do the video, you can opt out and I will help you find a personal trainer instead. Go to my site: www.mirzukfitness.com right away if you know you’d like help finding a personal trainer. There’s a questionnaire at the bottom of the page. Fill it out and let’s chat.

So this is a win win situation for you. Try the program for free and find out exactly what it is that you need. Here’s the link to sign up:


To Your Health!

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski


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