To follow up from my story from last week I just wanted to let you know

that I took Claire’s stitches out last week and we’ve tossed the cone! She is

miraculously tumor free and shows no signs of going through any sort of

trauma. She has a big scar on her face, but she doesn’t care, and her fur is

slowly starting to cover it over. Amazing.


And one more thing on this topic. So many of you responded with kind words

about Claire and concern for me with my dr.’s appointments and ‘tests’, and

I just wanted to send out a big THANKS!


So now you may be wondering, what’s with all these dr.’s appointments? What’s

with the ‘tests’  and the bed rest and subbing out all my classes? For those of you

who have seen me lately, you know the answer. No, I’m not just getting fat- I’m

actually pregnant! 40 and prego- WooHoo!!!


I’ve been holding this information back because it is not a clear cut and dry road

for me. At this point, since I’m looking the way I do, it makes sense to spill the beans.

I’m at about 4 months.


But there are certainly more tests and possibly more bed rest down the road for me.

Some people make conceiving a child and carrying to term look like cake, and I am

thrilled for them and hope they appreciate their good fortune. For me, and I know for

many others, it’s just not that easy.


I started down this road about 6 years ago and it has been an unpredictable,

emotional and often frightening journey,

which I intend to share with you. My hope in doing this is that I can help

other people who have or have had fertility issues, or for those who are planning

on having a baby at some point but don’t feel they are ready just yet. Or even those

who wanted to have children but for some reason or another could not. I think my

story has the potential to help you in some way. At least, as I said, that is my hope.


I will go over everything I did to get pregnant, and the list is long. And then, what

I am doing to STAY pregnant. And the realities I had to face and how I dealt with



That’s where I will leave it for now. I appreciate all of your support and look

forward to seeing you in my classes! I intend to teach right up until the due date.

And don’t think that just because I may not be able to balance on one leg or bend

around like a pretzel the way I used to that my classes are going to get easy- OH no.

Come out and play 🙂


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski


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