Sure, you can have both! It just depends on what you choose to focus on first.

Generally, if you choose to focus on weight loss simply for the sake of weight loss, you

will find that you will still be unhappy with yourself.

However, if you focus on your health, and weight loss is part of the regimen that

falls under becoming more healthy, then you will find yourself living the life of your

dreams, and what is better than that?

I know a woman, let’s call her Edwina. Edwina has always wanted to be thin. She

trained with me for years to be thin. That was it, she just wanted to be thin. And the weirdest

thing happened. Together our efforts made her thin! She got herself into great shape! But she was still

talking about becoming MORE thin. It wasn’t enough. Thinner thinner THINNER! Eventually

I told her if she lost any more weight she was going to disappear when she turned sideways. She said

she just wanted her legs to be thinner and I told her if they got any thinner she would just be a torso.

No matter, it was her goal. This was years ago and I have since stopped working with Edwina, but

I see her every now and again. In fact, I saw her just today. I told her “Hey! You look great!”

You know what she said? “No, I’m fat, I’ve got to lose some of this weight.”


What to do? The point is, that her goal seems to be to become more happy with herself, but

she seems unaware of it and keeps putting her efforts into this outside thing that makes no

difference how close she gets to it. I wonder if she would be happy if she became just a floating


So here’s why I don’t talk much about weight loss. The reason is, I think most people have it backwards. They are obsessed with weight loss to the point of causing themselves ill health. Skinny doesn’t necessarily equal healthy, and if you are aren’t healthy then you aren’t happy. Happy meaning that you feel good, have plenty of energy, are enjoying life full out, and feel great about yourself. If that’s not the end goal then what is? And people get confused and think that focusing on weight loss will get them there.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with weight loss. Many people DO need to lose weight- in order to create optimal HEALTH in their lives. My point is, focus on your HEALTH FIRST and your weight will follow.

Last year I taught classes for a testimonial group for a new infomercial that you’ve probably seen a few times by now. This testimonial group committed to 90 days/ 3 months of going through this program. Their food was mailed to them and they took fitness classes 6 days out of the week (that’s where I came in). It was explained to them that this was a weight loss program and that was the end goal. They didn’t get the healthiest food (it was mailed to them so how could it be fresh?) and they ALL started to have bowel problems. They were given weight loss supplements a few different times during the program, and they worked their butts off, literally. At the end of the 90 days they had all lost weight. They were also losing their hair and having all sorts of physical issues- including bowel and skin problems.

As soon as they were set free almost ALL of them started to gain weight back (3 kept it off- out of 15). They weren’t taught how to maintain a healthy weight, or a healthy diet, or really anything healthy at all. They were not educated, and they had gone through a program that was clearly unhealthy, although they did lose weight.

I’ve always been a proponent of health as opposed to weight loss. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, then you will maintain a healthy weight for your body. They go hand in hand. People make it too complicated for themselves by focusing on the weight loss. Teaching for the testimonial group opened my eyes to how backwards this society tends to go when it comes to health & weight loss, and prompted me to kick off my 30 and 90 Day Virtual Programs, which have both been successful in not only helping people lose weight, but to do it in a healthy way, creating habits that will last a lifetime.

So, all that said- what are your goals? To be ‘skinny’ or to be healthy. It’s your call! And you can do it! The first step is very simple. It’s to believe that you can change. The next step is also very simple. It’s the decision to make the change. Once you’ve decided and you believe, there’s nothing that can hold you back.

The difference between who you are & who you want to be is what you do. That’s the gap you need to fill.

So that’s something to consider as you start off your day. Who do you want to be TODAY?

Go get em!

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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