What are your fitness goals?

To lose weight? To firm up? What? You may just have a vague sort of idea right now, so let’s

firm that up for you, so to speak, shall we?


The first step in achieving your fitness goals is to decide what they are. Brainstorm out a list.

It could be one thing, it could be thirty. Point is to get it out of your head and into the real world,

in this case on paper.


Step #2 is to decide how reaching these goals will make you feel. This often uncovers your REAL

goal. Why do you want to lose weight? To feel more confident? To feel stronger? To help you attract a

mate? These feelings often lead to an overall goal of feeling  happier, or more content with life.

Again, brainstorm out on paper how you want to

feel as a result of achieving your fitness goals.


Step #3 is to create your plan of action. This could include adding a gym class into your schedule,

hiring a personal trainer, beginning a walking routine, doing a workout video at home, any number

of things. Again, write down what you plan on doing. Do the research and make appointments with

yourself in your calendar. Making appointments with yourself is enormously important! If you skip

that step you most likely will not follow through.


Step #4 is to FOLLOW THROUGH!! TAKE ACTION!! You’ve made the appointments, now you

actually have to KEEP them. Make your initial appointments very easy for you. The goal is to turn

this into a habit instead of lose 10 pounds in a week. In order to get and keep the results you want,

fitness has got to be part of your life for the long haul. So make it easy and enjoyable for yourself.

Start with one appointment and then the next week up it to 2. There will be days when you absolutely

do not feel like working out. That’s the tough spot where you see what you are really made of.  You’ve

got to take action in spite of not ‘feeling’ like it. Keep in mind that you will be much happier with yourself

if you follow through.


Step #5 REWARDS! Go back to Step #2 and go over those feelings that you want to achieve. There are other

ways to achieve those feelings so here’s the part where you decide what else would make you happy.

Write down a list of actions or things that will make you happy (or whatever emotion you want to

achieve), and use those things as your rewards for following through on your action plan. Make sure

not to use unhealthy food as a reward. This only takes you back to square 1 and actually does NOT make

you feel good in the long run.


Things I have on my happy list to help you get started: pedicure, massage, take a creative class, swim,

have lunch with a friend, call a friend, take a nap, dance to good music, buy a new lipstick, go for a

walk somewhere I’ve never been, try something new, take myself to a movie, read fiction in the park-

those are just a few of mine to help you spark off some

ideas of your own.


If you need help with ANY of these steps, I offer ONE complimentary strategy session per week. That means,

I will talk to you, free of charge for up to an hour to help you define and begin to implement the perfect

strategy for your individual needs. I love what I do and want to help people who are serious about living

healthier, happier lives. In order to make sure you are that person, I ask that you fill out a short questionnaire

before we schedule our appointment. Click here to access the questionnaire. Once I receive the questionnaire

filled out completely, the sessions are first come first serve. 


The biggest secret is to enjoy the journey!! Have fun!!


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski



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