I’ve been writing bit by bit on my story of how I got pregnant. Some people

have this thing called sex and then, BAM, they’re pregnant! Others, well, for

some of us it gets a bit more complicated. This is my story and I am sharing

it in the hopes that it might help others deal with life’s ups and downs more

smoothly, whether fertility related or not. It really is all perspective. And there

really are always options.


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We are starting off here with where I just found out that my insurance would

cover IVF and I am telling you I considered this fact alone to be a miracle! The whole

new adventure kicked off with my first appointment on March 18th, 2011.


The Dr gave us the rundown of what our next steps would be. We both had to undergo

certain tests during March & April. Some of the tests needed to happen after my next

cycle began, so that meant we wouldn’t actually be able to start the process until

May. In May, I would also be turning 39. Something about my birthday always made

me super antsy and feel like time was running out. It was! My sense of urgency was

tugging at me. I didn’t want to wait 2 months, but at least the process had been kicked off.


After the health insurance miracle, I had this great wide open positive attitude going

into all of this. I figured the path would just spread itself out nice and smoothly and we

could watch the magic unfold. But that was not the case. We got off to a somewhat

ridiculous and unnecessarily rocky start.


There was one test I had to take the day after my period began, and the nurse

had given me a sheet of paper (script?) to give to whatever lab I ended up at. The

day I needed the test happened to fall on a Saturday, so the Dr’s office was closed. There

are a bunch of labs open on Saturday mornings around Manhattan, so I chose the

closest one. I got there as soon as they opened, all prepared and happy. Turns out they

would not give me the blood test I needed because the nurse at the repro place had forgotten

to fill out what exactly the blood test was for. Keep in mind, I could not come back the next

day or Monday. This test had to be done the day after my cycle began or I would have to wait

an entire month. I was hormonal (hello- day after period started) so was very upset, and

ended up in Lululemon for retail therapy (I had a gift card!! Best part of the day!). I spent

the majority of the day back and forth on the phone with the Dr’s office, and trying to find a lab

that stayed open later. Since the Dr’s office was closed, every time I called I had to wait for a nurse

to call me back to then tell me that there wasn’t anything she could do. Also, there

was only 1 lab that stayed open in manhattan into the afternoon, so we (Ron was with me

at this point) ended up running down to Chinatown to try to get my blood test done later in the day.

By the time I got there, nothing had as of yet been resolved with the Dr’s office, so finally the Dr

himself called me back and spoke with the technician at the lab. I busted my ass all day to make sure

we got this super simple easy blood test done.  Mission accomplished by 4pm. I was a stressed out crying mess.


Ironically, we had a baby shower that we were supposed to be at by 2pm in Brooklyn. We

were 3 hours late because of this mess, and I was super stressed. You would think I might not enjoy a

baby shower at this particular time, but I really did enjoy seeing my friends happy. And it was wonderful to have the

stressful day behind me and just relax with good people.


This is just one example of the crazy bullshit that we went through with this particular Dr’s office.

The thing was, we really liked the Dr, so we figured maybe this one incident was a fluke. Haha.

Follow your instincts, people.


Anyway, long story long, the blood test got done, everything was fine. All the other tests came

back and gave the Dr the info he needed to stir up a plan for us. We started our IVF cycle at the

beginning of May.


The whole thing is scheduled around the female’s cycle. There is an overwhelming amount of drugs

necessary and if you think too much about what you are about to undertake, you could easily talk yourself

out of it. Best idea is to take it one day at a time and not get too far ahead of yourself. So, armed with a

boatload of meds, we were ready to go!! Just waiting on my body to give us the green light…


In the next entry, I will walk you through what our IVF cycle consisted of and what the results from

our efforts produced. Stay tuned!!


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski





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