I was listening to one of Tera Warner’s fabulous interviews from her WISH (Women’s

International Summit for Health) telesummit, and I found myself asking what the heck am

I doing here on this planet? I know what I ‘do’- I’m a fitness coach, etc. But what is it

that I actually DO?! What is my purpose on this planet and am I following through?


When I thought about it for a few minutes, I realized that my dream is to empower

women to get on their personal paths to living the best, most inspiring

and meaningful lives they can possibly live in the short time we are on this planet.

And when I thought about it a little bit more, I realized that through the platform

of fitness, I am doing just that! I am, in fact, following through on my purpose. Yay!


Looking at what I do in an overall sense, I realized that my clients ALWAYS  leave

their sessions feeling better than when they showed up, even if it’s just a miniscule

amount. Even if they spent the session crying about something terrible that happened

that day, or some anxiety they are dealing with. They released

what they needed to release and feel better after the session is over. Most sessions are

not done in tears, but my point is that even the ones that are end with the client feeling



Some clients drag their asses to my sessions claiming they are tired and don’t

feel like working out. They try to bribe me with food so I will cancel the session. But once

I get them moving they ALWAYS feel better! I can see the shift in their energy and the

difference from when they arrive to when they leave is amazing. They walk out the door

with a higher vibration, much more energy to do whatever they want with- whether it’s

go take the next step with their business, take care of their children, spend time with their

husband, have some creative time or personal time. Whatever! So I’d like to believe that

I am accomplishing my goal of bringing enjoyment, meaning

and satisfaction to the lives of these women as I guide them to live healthier lives.


I want them to know how beautiful they are in their own special ways and I want to

empower them to live in bodies they are proud to be in. Shape and size doesn’t matter

as much as what you DO with what you’ve got.  If you say you don’t like ‘exercise’,

then examine your definition of exercise. It’s really anything that is moving your body, and

if you have a body, it wants to move in some way. Get in touch with it and find out what ways

it enjoys moving in. Then find that outlet and DO it.


I know that I am technically a fitness coach, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, Pilates &

Yoga instructor, yadda yadda, BUT it goes so much deeper than that. I enjoy nothing more than seeing the

people that I’ve affected in a positive way live lives they love living in bodies that they love. I love

knowing I had something to do with their happiness and health. And I wouldn’t have it any other



In closing, I want to send out IMMENSE gratitude to the people (there are some men, too!) who have allowed

me to help them in some way. I am very thankful for your part in my life. Clearly, this was a two way street

as you helped me as well.


Have a beautiful day!


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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