I’ve been sharing my story about how the heck I got pregnant. Some people have sex

and BAM! They’re pregnant! Others spend more time energy money than I could

even imagine and it still doesn’t work. I’m somewhere in the middle. My hopes

in telling this story is that, whether or not you have any interest in having children,

that my struggle will in some way inspire you to go after your dreams!!



We’re at the point now where the Dr has just told me I can’t get pregnant. I felt something

inside me shift. That little yet strong voice of “Oh Yeah?!” Just long enough to shift my entire

approach. If you’re just joining us now, go to http://mirzukfitness.com/blog/ to catch up.


I remember the conversation. I asked him what his reasoning was and he said that my eggs

were too old. Ok. What does that mean? I knew they were 39 years old, but that’s just a number.

So I asked him what he was seeing that made him say they were ‘too old’. Kept making him

clarify. He said they weren’t developing at the rate they need to be in order to conceive. So I asked

him if there was anything I could do from the outside to help them along. He said NO.  Nothing I

can do. And I said “Ok, but I can smoke and make the situation worse, right?” And he said yes.

So, by my actions, I can make the situation worse, but not better? Tell me, does that make sense

to you?


Put that way, I got into action. I had been leaning on the belief that I was ‘healthy’, but when

I broke it down, I wasn’t really all that healthy. Sure, healthier than the average american with my

super duper exercise and relatively low stress life. But if you want to gage your healthiness, I am sorry

to say, but you cannot compare yourself  to the average american. We live in a largely unhealthy

society and I won’t even get into that topic, but I will say that I began to closely examine my lifestyle.


First, I needed some ideas. I read an ebook called “The Pregnancy Miracle”, which inspired me quite

a bit, and also gave me a lot of ideas to play with. I won’t say it all made sense, and a lot of it contradicted

itself, but added to what I already knew, I got what I needed from it. I also contacted a friend of mine, Lara Adler,

(www.laraadler.com) who was a nutrition coach moving deeper into the field of toxins. She came over and went

through my entire apartment telling me things I could change to get toxins out of my environment.


I’m going to take a step back here, and go back to my conversation with the Dr. He ended our appointment

by saying I couldn’t get pregnant and that my best bet was to find an egg donor. I was in terminator mode

(meaning I was going to reach my objective and nothing was going to stop me at this point. No emotions,

just pure action), so I accepted three things in that moment. I accepted that I might not be able to get pregnant,

that I might be able to get pregnant, and that it made sense to look for a donor. Introducing my baby sister, Melissa. 27

years old at the time with a 4 year old son. She happily agreed to join me on my journey, but she wasn’t able

to come up to NYC to meet with the Dr until November. It was August at this point. So I asked the Dr if he

would go through the process one more time with me since it made sense to utilize the time. He reluctantly

agreed and came up with a new plan. He decided to change things up, use a crazier drug that

would mess with my uterus to the point where I wouldn’t be able to go right into the embryo transfer. I would

have to do an embryo freeze to give my uterus time to heal. I said fine. Let’s move on this!


After my research, I decided to give myself 2 full months to amp up my system to pure SuperHeroMode. So I told

the Dr’s office they would see me in October. I had August and September  to get ramped up for this. And

in the next few ‘episodes’ I will tell you exactly what I did to get myself into the healthiest shape- physically, mentally,

emotionally, (oh yes, it really does all go together), that I have ever been in in my life. It was incredibly empowering.


I will tell you two things I did right now. I gave up coffee. I swear to you, I didn’t think I could do it. I was so annoyed

with the fact that caffeine can cause infertility and that this is very rarely addressed because it’s such a huge industry.

And I LOVE my coffee!!! But I just stopped drinking it after reading in The Pregnancy Miracle that it causes infertility.

I’ve read it other places. But I needed to read it again. I got an INCREDIBLE headache that ebbed and flowed for about a month.

I didn’t care. I was MAD at the coffee. haha. I was in Terminator mode and didn’t care about the headache.


I also had sporadically been seeing an acupuncturist. Not really committing to it because of the cost. After my ‘shift’ at

the Dr’s office, I fully committed to 2x per week with the acupuncturist. I found one that I really liked and just laid down

the credit card. Again. Didn’t care.


In the next ‘episode’ I will tell you all about IVF cycle #3 and how it got all crazy jacked up.


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski


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