Ah! I just had my first baby shower ever! It was surreal on SO many levels. First of all,

the fact that my clients went out of their way and used their resources to create this event

for me is unfathomable! I will be forever grateful. Second, just the fact that it’s ME having

a BABY shower is almost impossible to conceive (haha). It was not long ago that the Dr was telling me

I couldn’t get pregnant.



That’s about where we are now in the story.  Here’s the catch up: Doc says I can’t get pregnant.

I agree with his plan to bring my sister in as an egg donor.  She can’t make it up to  NYC to meet

with him for several months, so for the sake of time I talk him into doing one more IVF cycle. I have

time to really upgrade my health and I take my job very seriously. I make a LOT of changes to my health,

a few of which I have listed in the previous post.


If you want to go back further and catch up on my entire ‘getting pregnant is a pain in the ass’

story, then go to my blog at http://mirzukfitness.com/blog/


It was August in 2011 when doc said I couldn’t get pregnant. I decided to go super duper healthy and

come back to start the IVF process in October. Now you know that  the IVF cycle is based on the woman’s

cycle. That means that you must go to the doctor for bloodwork on day 1 or day 2 of your period.  My period

is always right on target, so I planned for October.


The week before this was all supposed to go down I went on a business trip. My coach was having an

event and it was important to me to be there. So I flew across the country for her 3 day event.


Halfway through the second day of her program, I got my period. I couldn’t believe it! It was Friday

and I wasn’t due until Tuesday! This was completely unheard of- I am 100% regular (except for when

I fly out to California when I have an IVF cycle planned to start the next week!?!?!),


This happened at a 15 minute mid-day break in the event and I did not have time to  pull

myself together before going back in.  I felt like I had just ruined my whole life by being stupid

and going on this trip. I had been crying and was trying to make myself stop,

but my coach saw that I was all red and blotchy and asked what was up. So, in the middle of

this event, I burst into tears and completely lost my mind. I was feeling 100% sorry for myself,

crying about how God hates me and how I screwed up the last IVF cycle my Dr was willing to

do, and yadda yadda yadda.


Sure, it was all valid. It really DID seem like God was playing a trick on me. I mean- how many

days early is that, when I am ALWAYS regular? 4 days off. Crazy. BUT, it might’ve helped if I’d

had a few moments to gain my composure. I didn’t though, and I lost it. And it was, in retrospect,

silly. At the time I thought I’d blown my last chance at having a baby. And I thought the Dr wouldn’t

let me try again.


The people there (mostly women), were very understanding and supportive. I am not one for religion,

but some of the women formed a prayer circle for me.  And others offered support in their own ways. And

as silly as I thought I came across, they were all so kind. I will forever be grateful to that group! And some

of them still bought my program that I was offering!!


I really was certain I’d blown it completely. But, when I called the Dr to say that this month was off, they

simply said “Ok, come in next month.”

HA! So, that was easy. I got over the fact that I had ‘wasted’ a month and got focused on

moving forward.


I figured I had another whole month to go nuts with my new healthy habits and I really took it to a whole new level.


I started the next cycle at the beginning of November (right on time- of course). I was much better at not

stressing out about missing work. It was stressful, but I had figured out how to not miss the most

important appointments somehow. It was really a day to day process, and I knew I just had to get through

2 weeks of this. Shots were no big deal, I was used to shooting myself up at this point, and I went down a

shot because doc switched it out with an oral medication (the new harsher med that he said would be much

harder on my uterus). I did it all, Ron gave me the HCG shot again, and I was all set for the egg retrieval.


Which, because I missed a month, and maybe because God did think it was funny, fell on the same day,

the ONLY day that my sister Melissa could come in for her appt with the doc. Jokes on me!


It was the day before Thanksgiving. Melissa came up that Tuesday night and on Wednesday

morning we all (Me, Ron, Melissa) got up and went to the Dr for my egg retrieval surgery.  We

got there by 7am. Egg retrieval went fine (this is the one where you get the anesthesia).

Then they told me to go home and rest, which was of course impossible.


You see, we had to have ANOTHER appointment, with a shrink , to make sure we were all ok

with Melissa being an egg donor. And because Melissa was only available on that day, all of the

appointments that involved her had to, obviously, be on that day. I still think it’s crazy that my egg

retrieval just couldn’t be the day before? I mean, come ON!


I also think it’s funny that you have to be evaluated and approved by a shrink to have or be an egg donor,

but you don’t have to do any of that if you’re using your own eggs.

Does that make sense?


In any case- in order to keep my momentum, we went to breakfast after my surgery and I had my

first cup of coffee in months! It was good 🙂


Then we had about an hour til our shrink appt so we went shopping at Century 21. I mean, why

the hell not at this point, right?!


Then we took a cab to the shrink appointment. We got evaluated and I might have been a little loopy

from the surgery and the coffee and the whole crazy day. After that appt, we had just enough time to book

it BACK to the doctor so Melissa could have her appointment with my Dr.


I think we got home around 7pm. I still can’t believe we did all that.


I do NOT recommend being a crazy person and running around on the day of your surgery!

And if you know me, you know I am one for substantial running around. But this was beyond nuts. It was completely

inconvenient and insane that all of this fell on the same day, but it was out of my hands so I made it work.

I figured if I did damage to myself, at least the eggs were already safe and sound. And there wasn’t much I could do about it.




Thanksgiving was very restful and I slept half the day.


There were no plans for my embryo transfer because I had to let my uterus heal from the meds.

So we had 7 healthy embryos frozen for future use.


And here’s the fun result of Melissa’s appt with the Dr:  He said that she was healthy but could not

donate any eggs for at least 6 months because she had recently gotten a tattoo.  That was

something none of us had considered. So keep that in mind if you ever want a tattooed woman to

be your egg donor! Sheesh.


So, it was a good thing I went ahead with my own cycle.  I decided to do the embryo transfer 3 months later.

3 months before Melissa would even be considered as my donor.


This thing just drags on and on!!! I promise to have the whole story out to you by the

time this baby is born. It’s amazing, when I started writing, I didn’t think my story was so

involved. Now, writing it and reading as I go, I see that it was quite a journey. I am reliving it

as I write it to you. I am so glad I made myself keep on keeping on. I am so grateful.


More next week!


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski