Well, that pretty much gives it away, right!

This is the continuation of my pregnancy saga. As

I write this, I am 9.5 months pregnant. So therefore, you know it worked, you

just don’t know how or when or WHY really. At this point in my story, I just

had my egg retrieval on the same day as my sister, Melissa, got evaluated to

be my egg donor. Why those things on the same day? The Doc was convinced that

I couldn’t get pregnant so we brought my sister on board. I somehow convinced the

Doc to go through just ONE MORE ROUND of IVF with me because it was a while

until my sister could come up and this was the best use of my time.  Originally, my egg

retrieval was planned for the month before. But that got messed up. So it all fell on the

same day. Which was nutty.

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So here we are. The meds the Doc prescribed for this last round of IVF made my uterus

a little messed up. The embryos that we created on the day before Thanksgiving 2011 were

frozen so that I could take time to recover. We did the embryo transfer on February 24, 2012.

I will be honest with you, it didn’t look good, and yet it sorta did. The obvious drawback

to freezing your embryos is that, however healthy they may at first appear, most will not survive

the thaw. We started with 7 healthy embryos, and only 2 made it through. This whole IVF business

is very uncertain and this last little bit was unsettling. But we showed up to take on these two

little guys and hoped for the best!


These two embryos were A+’s! One was ‘hatching’ and the other was ‘already hatched’, which

basically just means they were developing well. In they went! And home to bed I went! I loved

all that bed rest. I got so much done.


On March 5, 2012 after I taught my 12:30 PureStrength class at Equinox 33rd & Park, I saw that

I had a message on my voicemail. I was walking out the door as I listened to it. It was the Doc, telling

me that I was pregnant and congratulations and to come in in two days to make sure the bloodwork

looked the way it was supposed to. I stood on the street and cried. I cried and I cried and I cried. Must’ve

looked crazy, but it’s New York so it’s ok. I mean, you wait so long and work so hard for something, and then

you don’t know if your efforts have paid off for days and days and days. And then you get that call telling you one way or the

other, and it’s just so- traumatizing! It’s so emotional. All the time and effort and resources and EVERYTHING!

Gets boiled down to that one moment when you hear the result. So I cried with relief and gratitude.

Then I called Ron. Then there  was some family drama. And then there was some business drama.


But it didn’t matter. Something in me had shifted and I was going to be ok no matter what. I had to keep

my baby healthy and take care of myself. And I was so overwhelmingly grateful!! SO grateful! YAY!!! I

got pregnant! Doc said I couldn’t and looky here- I AM PREGNANT!! WOOHOO!!!! IN YOUR FACE, DOC!!!


How the heck did I do it? I’ll give you the full list of all the things I shifted for this last round of IVF. I don’t

know if it was the Doc switching drugs around or if it was me shifting my life around, but instinct says it was

all things combined.


There’s still more to this story. It ain’t over yet. But the reality is that I’m sitting here at 9.5 months pregnant

writing this to you and feeling very hopeful about the future.


Your Prego Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski