I’ve been promising to give you all the things I shifted in my life in

order to get pregnant. I’m finally dishing out the goods!


This last round of IVF I barely got the doc to

agree to do, so I was going to make my best effort yet. When I first

began this journey, I assumed that I was ‘healthy’ and that it would be

easy to get pregnant with a little help, but after 2 failed

attempts at IVF, I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t

really healthy. Only compared to the average American, which is a

scary thing. So, I broke it down.


Before I give you the list, if you want to catch up with the pregnancy

story, go to this link: http://mirzukfitness.com/blog/


Here’s a list of what I did to get pregnant:

1- quit coffee

2- quit alcohol

3- slept a minimum of 7 hours per night (even dropped 2 of my classes so I could achieve this)

4- drank a minimum of 64 oz of water every day (I measured)

5- stopped using toxic body products and replaced them with more natural alternatives

6- stopped mani’s and pedi’s and highlights

7- added in acupuncture 2x per week

8- began taking certain herbs and supplements: essential fatty acids, cinnamon, astragalus,

maca, raw garden of life prenatal, camu camu, vitex, d-pinitol, Q10, some blue/green algae thing

9- meditation

10- drank a fresh juice (or two) every day

11- drank a green smoothie usually once per day

12- diet consisted of 90% veggies. Would sautee veggies of all kinds every night for dinner. Mixed w barley

13- No gluten

14- No added sugar in any of my food, except for dark chocolate, which was my cheat when I absolutely needed it

15- No processed foods whatsoever.

And I think that is pretty much it. It was time consuming. I usually don’t cook, and with this regimen, I was

cooking every day. Ron became healthier also, because he was eating what I was cooking. I used vinegar as

my salad dressing and feta cheese to give my dinner veggies some extra flavor.


As far as the toxic products go- I switched out my deodorant, shampoo, lotions, toothpaste and soap. I stopped

using any sprays that weren’t pure essential oils mixed with water. I got rid of any product that said ‘fragrance’

on it, as well as anything with sodium laureth (or laurel) sulfate. Cut out anything with phthalates.


And with the sleep- well- I have never been too good with getting 7 hours of sleep in a row. My schedule

was set up in a way that did not allow me to get 7 hours in a row. Thus I canceled two of my early morning

classes so I could fit in 7 hours of sleep. I did not go out at night, and the one time I did (to a charity benefit)

I left the event early so I could get that 7 hours. It made a difference.


As far as the supplements go, they all added in a different way. Look them up and research them for

yourself. I will say this about the blue/green algae though. Our society is toxic. There is no

way in this country to completely avoid toxins in your system. They are everywhere and used

for everything. Blue/green algae assists your body in processing these toxins and sending them

on their way. It is a good thing 🙂


Every little bit of this made a difference. I felt amazing! Energetic and healthy and vibrant! It was a lot of

effort and it was expensive. And in the end, it was WAY worth it!




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