Happy New Year!!


Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions?

One of the most common Resolutions is to lose weight. I love making

New Year’s Resolutions, but I can’t say weight loss has ever been on the list.

Until now.


I gave birth to a baby boy on 11/24/12 and I must say I had FUN with the pregnancy.

I gained about 60 pounds. I lost 30 pretty quickly, but I still have 30 to go. I have decided

to follow doctor’s orders and not exercise for 6 weeks, but those 6 weeks are just about

up, and it’s time to play…


SO, I am going to lose the 30 pounds, and here’s my general frame for how this is

going to happen. I am planning on losing 10 pounds per month. This rate will allow

me to lose it in a healthy way and not starve myself. I can’t starve anyway because I

am breast feeding, so I actually need more calories than usual, and will take that into

consideration when I share my meal plans with you.


That’s right, I am going to share exactly what I eat and what I do for exercise over at least

the next 30 days. Keep in mind, I have created programs like this for other people, but

have never had to lose weight myself, so this is a whole new game for me, with a whole

lot more at stake.  If you want to jump start your weight loss program, then come play with me!


How much am I going to charge for this weight loss program? Well, how about nothing.

I figure I am just experimenting right now and so this first time through I am inviting you

to tag along for the ride. I will, in the future, package this program up and sell it, so if you

want to do this program for free, I suggest jumping on the bandwagon now.


I will be sharing all of my information with you through this blog.

That’s every thing I eat and all of my exercise programs.


I am itching to start this program on January 1st, but the truth is, I

haven’t been cleared by the doctor yet. So I AM going to start anyway, but I’m going to start slow.

So if you consider yourself to be that person who:

A- gets overwhelmed easily

B- jumps in full force and then bails within 2 weeks

C- has lost weight in the past but then gained it all back

then this program will be for you.


I haven’t decided how many times per week I am going to work out, but it looks like we

will start with 3 days. And since I can’t leave the house yet for any prolonged period

of time, it will all be things you can do in your home OR at the gym. In other words, it’s going to be

convenient. You can’t blame not getting it done on not having time to go to the gym or

money to pay for a membership (the 2 most common excuses). Call yourself out on your

excuses and let’s get it DONE!


So that’s where I’m at for today. Wanna play with me? Read and respond to the blogs so I

know you are in it with me!! Success is almost insured if we stick together, rather than

go it alone.


Happy New Year and I look forward to our success together!!!


Your Fitness Coach,


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