Here is what was happening on Day 3 last time around. I find it very interesting, and know that if you keep notes about yourself the way I did here- that going back in a year will be very telling for you.

The same thing happened to me today, 6/24/2014 as did on 1/3/2013- my husband brought me a piece of chocolate. Except this time, I ate it! And then I went back for more! Haha.

I don’t believe in food being ‘bad’ or ‘good’. I believe that it either nourishes or depletes you. I believe that it either brings you closer to your goal, or pushes you farther away. So you make a choice when you consume it. That’s all it is- you are a living example of the choices you’ve made. If you don’t like what you see, you’ve got to make different choices.


Day 3   1/3/13


How’s it going for you? If you’ve fallen off, or haven’t started yet- start today! It doesn’t matter if you’re 100% with me- what matters is that you are DOING it!

Take action in a way that works for you.


Making sure I get at least 64 oz of water every day and take my supplements.


Breakfast: Oatmeal, blueberries, cinnamon, honey, 1 cup of coffee


Snack: 1 clementine, mixed nuts (cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, pecans- no salt)


Lunch: Salad- butter lettuce, spinach leaves, turkey (roasted- not deli stuff), swiss cheese (again, if you are planning to lose more than 10 pounds- skip all cheese), cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli (steamed then added to salad)


Snack: Grapes, 1 slice 15 grain bread with organic peanut butter


Dinner: Roast turkey, home made gravy, home made cranberry sauce, sweet potato, veg medley (spinach, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, red pepper with some feta cheese)


So far I have improved on my veggie intake- now definitely getting at least 5 servings. I have also been successful at cutting out sweets EXCEPT for the chocolate I found myself putting in my coffee! I swear, I didn’t even realize I was doing it. Committing to telling you everything I consume and keeping record of it all made me catch myself. I think accountability and record keeping are both super important for success. Please make sure you are writing down everything you consume for the next 30 days. And be honest with yourself!!


Despite my little setback, I have to give myself credit. Two nights ago Ron literally put a piece of chocolate in my face and said “want it?” I turned it down. Then last night he shoved a gingerbread cookie in my face and smirked. Again I turned it down. I was surprised with myself. It was knowing I would have to tell you that I gave in that kept me from eating those.


It’s amazing what your mind does. Tells you “Oh, it’s just one. It won’t hurt anything.”


Maybe, maybe not. But keep in mind that this journey is made up of teeny tiny steps all put together to bring you the outcome you desire. So you have to ask yourself when you come up against something like this- is it going to push you closer to your goal? Or take you further away? And what is most important to you?




I did the same workout from Tuesday with a few embellishments. I am a little sore from yesterdays workout, but it’s more of an overall wake up call than any distinct soreness.


Warm up:

Alt reverse lunges 30x   (I added 10)



Reverse lunge right leg back, right hand touches the floor- 10x

Repeat on the left (I added 5 each leg, then added…)


Side lunge opposite hand to foot 10x each side


Squat with an overhead press: Pick up the 8lb weights- Squat with arms down by side. Bicep curl as you stand up and squeeze, overhead press. 20x  (I added 5)


Rear Delt Flies- 15x with 8lbs


Bicep curls- 15x each arm (alternating)


One arm overhead Tricep Extension- 20x each arm (first right then left- I added 5)


Knee Push Ups- 10x


Donkey Kicks- 30x each leg


Plank 10 seconds, Down Dog 10 seconds. Repeat 4x


On your back both legs up: Alternate legs down and back up for abs- 30x (added 10)


In same position- reverse crunch (lift your hips) 30x


Stretch  (I did the first 10 minutes of my Mirlates class here- insert what feels good to you).



Keep in mind, I am starting slow because I don’t have dr’s clearance yet, and I am also still finding out my limits. You do not need to do my specific workout. The most important thing here is that you are making a habit of exercising. Every day a little something. It’s totally doable for 30 days. I know this because I am doing it myself.

And I barely have time to take a shower these days.


Also-as far as the food goes- remember I am eating a little extra because of breastfeeding. Use my example of how much to eat as a stopping point. In other words, try to consume a little bit less than I am. Maybe skip that bread and pb snack I had today. If you eat more than I do, you know you’ve gone way over.



Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski




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