Day 4  1/4/13


Breakfast: Oatmeal, blueberries, cinnamon, honey, 1 cup of coffee

Someone asked me to clarify my coffee. Made at home with 2% milk, no sweetener. I also treated myself to a tall coffee at Starbucks today, and used non-fat milk. Only drank half of it.


And why do I like oatmeal so much that I’ve eaten it every day this week? Here’s a quick read on the benefits: http://www.motherearthliving.com/natural-health/7-health-benefits-of-oatmeal.aspx


Snack: red seedless grapes


Lunch: Salad- butter lettuce, spinach leaves, turkey (roasted- not deli stuff), swiss cheese (again, if you are planning to lose more than 10 pounds- skip all cheese), cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli


Snack: 1 piece of 15 grain bread with swiss cheese


Dinner: Chicken, brown rice, veg medley (spinach, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, red pepper with some feta cheese)


Snack: mixed unsalted nuts- cashews, pecans, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, almonds







Warm Up: Alt reverse lunges 20x, alt side lunges 20x


Workout: (Similar to Wednesday except I took out anything that worked glutes, because mine are SORE and they need a chance to recuperate. I also did 2 sets of everything instead of just 1. We are moving up in the world!)


1-Stationary Lunges:  (or split squats- same thing)- hold 8lbs, repeat lunges 15x


2-Rear Delt Flies: 8lbs 15x


3-Bicep Curls: 8lbs 15x each arm


Repeat 1-3


4-Upright Row 8lbs 15x


5-Overhead Press 8lbs 15x


6-One arm Tricep Extension 8lbs 20x right then left


Repeat 4-6


7-Knee Push Ups 10x


8-Forearm Plank 20 seconds


9-Childs Pose Stretch


Repeat 7-9


10- 30 Double Crunches


11- Stretch


Again, right now it doesn’t matter so much what you do, as the fact that you are doing something and making a habit of it.


Did I mention that my glutes were SORE today!? I love it! Makes me feel like I accomplished something, sick as that may be. But don’t be fooled- you are accomplishing something whether you get sore or not. For me, the soreness works as mental motivation. Makes me feel like I did something, and encourages me to continue.


As far as the food goes- I’ll say it again. There is no need to eat as much as I do. I need to eat a bit more because I am breastfeeding. I’d rather provide great nutrition for my baby than to lose weight. That said, I am making sure I am getting as much nutrition as I can for the calories that I am consuming. And I will lose weight with my diet and my exercise program, over time. I feel healthy and happy with what I’ve got going on.


So, I went out today and looked at shoes. I was tempted to buy some and then remembered what I tell clients when they embark on any sort of fitness or health journey. I advise them to pick a reward. So I am now going to take my own advice and choose a reward! One different reward for each 10 pounds I lose. The first one is a new pair of shoes that make me feel sexy. No more sneakers!!


What is your reward going to be???


Until tomorrow…


Your Fitness Coach,


Miranda Zukowski





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