Day 5  1/5/13


Ok, we are 5 days in!! So far I have stayed on track with my exercise program- once a day, every day. I have no idea how I am doing this, but when I see an opening in my day- I take it immediately whether I feel like it or not!

And I’ve consumed at least 64 oz of water (usually more) and taken my supplements. Writing these things down is key for staying on track. Hopefully you are either writing your journey in a notebook, or keeping track on your computer. You can use a program like myfitnesspal.com to help keep you on track as well.


Before I tell you what I ate today, I want to just say that I KNOW it is boring! I am eating pretty much the same thing everyday. It’s all good as far as I’m concerned for 2 reasons:

1-    I like what I eat, so even though it seems ‘boring’, I’m not bored of it.

2-    It is simple and easy to follow!



Breakfast: Oatmeal, blueberries, cinnamon, honey, 1 cup of coffee


Snack: 2 clementines, handful of blueberries, a few cashews and almonds


Lunch: Salad- butter lettuce, spinach leaves, turkey , swiss cheese (again, if you are planning to lose more than 10 pounds- skip all cheese), cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli


Snack: 1 slice 15 grain bread with 1 slice swiss cheese


Dinner: Salmon, steamed spinach, quinoa with carrots


Dessert: Red Seedless Grapes (although I really wanted pie, any pie)


This is the first day since cutting out sweets that I had a craving for a sugary something.




Warm Up: Alt Reverse Lunges 30x




1-Reverse lunge right leg back, right hand touches the floor- 15x

Repeat on the left


2-Side lunge opposite hand to foot 15x each side


3-Squat with an overhead press: Pick up the 8lb weights- Squat with arms down by side. Bicep curl as you stand up and squeeze, overhead press. 20x


Repeat 1-3


4-Rear Delt Flies- 15x with 8lbs


5-Bicep curls- 15x both arms at the same time, balancing on one leg


Repeat 4-5 (other leg for bi curls)


6-Donkey Kicks- 30x each leg


7-Plank 10 seconds, Down Dog 10 seconds. Repeat 4x


8-On your back press up to a bridge- one leg up- lower hips to floor then press back up 20x each side.


9-Both legs up: Alternate legs down and back up for abs- 30x


10-In same position- reverse crunch (lift your hips) 30x


Stretch  (I did the first 10 minutes of my Mirlates class here- insert what feels good to you).




In order to really burn some fat, we need to work up to some cardio bursts.  The first week we are going a little bit slow just to get the habit started and acclimate our bodies and minds to what we’ve got going on.


We are getting a little bit of cardio vascular exercise in, if you haven’t noticed. Just changing the level of your heart makes it work harder. So you don’t necessary need to jump up and down to get your heart pumping. Those reverse lunges and side lunges where you touch the floor will do the trick. Even the squats change the level of your heart enough to get it to work harder. In other words, we are right where we need to be today J


See you tomorrow for the next installment!


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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