Day 9


Another brutal day! Kid woke me up at 3:45am and didn’t let me go back to sleep. My mil came over at 1pm and took over. Felt much better after a nap, but really my brain didn’t turn on for the day until 4:15pm when I woke up. Ah, but this is my life for a little while, and there are some precious things in this time that I am appreciating.


In any case, I thought for sure that I would skip my workout today,  but it happened!! I am impressed with me.  But that thing I ate last night- not so impressive. These things have inspired me to add a new part to this program. A “what I did today that was awesome” section as well as a “what I did today that was crap” section.  See more of this at the end of this entry…


Breakfast: Honey bunches of oats cereal with 2% milk.  Not my finest moment but not my worst


Snack: Apple


Lunch: (at 4:15pm, sadly) Avocado, tomato and chicken sandwich with whole wheat Panini bread (and mayo- reduced something, but still mayo), coffee w 2% milk


Dinner: Salmon steak, steamed broccoli, quinoa with carrots, salad: lettuce, broccoli, tomato, avocado, mushrooms, cucumber, feta, oil & vinegar dressing




I did the same as 2 days ago. Have steady well formed workouts now that work out complimentary muscle groups so I can alternate them day to day. Will add and switch things up as I get stronger.


Warm Up: Alt Reverse Lunges 30x




1-Reverse lunge right leg back, right hand touches the floor- 15x

Repeat on the left


2-Side lunge opposite hand to foot 15x each side


3-Squat with an overhead press: Pick up the 8lb weights- Squat with arms down by side. Bicep curl as you stand up and squeeze, overhead press. 20x


4- One arm Row w 15 lbs 15x right and then left


Repeat 1-4


5-Rear Delt Flies- 15x with 8lbs


6-Bicep curls- 15x both arms at the same time, balancing on one leg


Repeat 5-6 (other leg for bi curls)


7-Donkey Kicks- 30x each leg


8-Plank 10 seconds, Down Dog 10 seconds. Repeat 4x


9-On your back press up to a bridge- one leg up- lower hips to floor then press back up 20x each side.


10-Both legs up: Alternate legs down and back up for abs- 30x


11-In same position- reverse crunch (lift your hips) 30x


Stretch  (I did the first 10 minutes of my Mirlates class here- insert what feels good to you).



What I did today that was awesome:  I did NOT eat the leftover candy from the Justin Bieber piñata (from baby shower) even though Ron was shoveling down his throat right in front of me. For that matter, I did not consume ANY chocolate in any sneaky ways.  I also managed to work out despite feeling like a zombie most of the day and being completely unable to function.  Also, have been good at getting at least 5 servings of veggies everyday.


What I did today that was crap: The cereal in the morning – could’ve done better, but also could’ve done worse. The solution is to not have it in the house. Also, the mayo wasn’t a great choice. Next time will make sure I have hummus and can use that instead.


I suggest using these two sections yourself to keep your head in the game. Give yourself credit for what you did that you can be proud of. And for the not so proud moments, acknowledge them and then figure out how best to move forward.


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski






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