Day 13


I received some very thoughtful comments from yesterdays post. Concern that I am being too hard on myself. I’m not certain that I am. The fact is that I enjoyed everything I consumed, but that some of those things were not conducive to getting me where I want to go.  That’s why, every day, I look at the things I did that keep me on my path, as well as the things that take me off that path. The things that take me off my path do not make me lose sleep or feel guilty. I expect them to happen. The way I handle each situation that throws me off track is to figure out how to move forward in a positive way and not let it happen again.


In the instance of carrot cake, you can bet I will eat carrot cake again in this lifetime! Hopefully from that same bakery…  but I digress. I will not consume it again while I am on this program.


I love the suggestions that people are coming up with. Someone suggested a 90/10 rule. Good 90% of the time, ‘bad’ 10% of the time. There really is no good or bad. There are just causes and their effects. How you perceive them is all you. But yes, I am down with this. I call it the norm vs the exception. The norm for me is healthy eating. The exception is the baked goodies. If you expect to be healthy 100% of the time, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.


Someone also brought up the protein question again. What I’m consuming is enough protein for me. One or two servings per day is more than my usual amount (when I’m not breast feeding).  In fact, most people consume more protein than they need. Here is an article from webmd on the subject: http://www.webmd.com/diet/healthy-kitchen-11/how-much-protein?page=1

It covers the basics.


There also was some concern on whether or not I am getting enough carbs. I find that people confuse simple carbs with complex carbs. Simple carbs are the kind that get broken down fast and end up as sugar too soon in your bod. In other words, they slow you down and weigh you down. Those would be white pasta, white bread, junk food, things like that. Complex carbs are veggies, oatmeal, whole grains and all kinds of healthy foods. Those are the ones that fuel you and I get plenty of those. Almost everyday I start with oatmeal and it immediately fuels me. And then I get more than 5 servings of veggies per day  (usually). Here is a simple article on the difference between simple carbs and complex carbs: http://www.nutritionmd.org/nutrition_tips/nutrition_tips_understand_foods/carbs_versus.html


Here’s what I ate today:


Breakfast: Oatmeal, banana, blueberries, cinnamon, 1 cup coffee w 1% milk


Snack: 1 boiled egg


Lunch: ¾ of a trader joes quiche (broccoli & cheddar)


Snack: 1 piece of the whole wheat bread from yesterday and another boiled egg


ANOTHER Snack: 2 pieces of that banana bread


Dinner: Broccoli, Baked Potato with whipped butter, salad: lettuce, tomato, broccoli w oil & vinegar dressing


Today was different because we went on a little road trip with the baby (2nd road trip!). I learned from one of my previous slip ups and brought snacks with me in the car, BUT I don’t think I brought enough because when I got home I was hungry and ate 2 slices of the banana bread.




Warm Up: 30 alternating reverse lunges




1-Reverse lunge right leg back, right hand touches the floor- 15x

Repeat on the left


2-Side lunge opposite hand to foot 15x each side


3- One arm Row w 15 lbs 15x right and then left


Repeat 1-3


4-Rear Delt Flies- 15x with 8lbs


5-Bicep curls- 15x both arms at the same time, balancing on one leg


Repeat 4-5 (other leg for bi curls)


7-Donkey Kicks- 30x each leg


8- Fire Hydrants- 30x each leg


8-Plank 10 seconds, Down Dog 10 seconds. Repeat 4x


9-On your back press up to a bridge- one leg up- lower hips to floor then press back up 20x each side.


10-Both legs up: Alternate scissor legs down and back up for abs- 30x


11-In same position- reverse crunch (lift your hips) 30x


12- Stretch (I did the first 10 minutes of my Mirlates class here, but insert whatever stretchy exercises feel good to you.)


13- Run up and down the stairs 2x


What I did today that moved me forward: I did my workout- completely amazed that I’ve been able to keep it up. Although, had to abbreviate it today because of husband wanting to pass baby off.  Also, brought snacks with me on trip after learning from previous mistake.


What I did today that held me back: Apparently didn’t bring enough snacks because when I got home I was starving and ate 2 slices of banana bread. In the future will bring more snacks.


Until tomorrow!


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski




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