Day 14


I think NOW would be a good day to chat about the word ‘diet’. Diet is not something you ‘go on’. Going on something suggests that you will get off at some point. The word ‘diet’ simple means: what you eat. And that’s how I use the word in these posts. I didn’t go on anything. I am altering the way, and what, I eat. Slowly, little by little.  And I’m allowing for my learning curve along the way. Yes, I intend to lose weight, but I intend to do it slowly. I don’t think you ever get ‘there’. I think health in general is a continual balancing act, as is life. And healthy is what I want to be. Dropping a few pounds will come with that.


As far as this quest goes, I find it to be a sort of two steps forward one step back journey. Yes, that can be frustrating, but it doesn’t matter. I’ll keep on going, because the other choice is not appealing. Give up and feel sorry for myself? Nah, that doesn’t seem too productive. When I fail I will just get right back up again, dust myself off, and keep on keeping on.


Before I tell you what I consumed today, I want to go back and touch base on the water and supplements. In general, I am consuming  72 ounces of water per day (about 9 cups). Sometimes even more. I can definitely see a difference, AND my bladder has become more accustomed to the extra water. At first it’s tricky, because it’s like you’re pouring water onto a dry sponge (kidneys- thus flushing it out almost as soon as it goes in), but eventually the sponge starts to soak up some of that water (thus your kidneys actually start to process the water), and then you don’t have to go to the bathroom so much.


I’ve also been keeping up with my supplements. 1 prenatal, 1 essential fatty acids, and a few of these fenugreek herb supplements to help me with milk production (it works).


Ok, and here’s the food for the day:


Midnight Snack: Cherry chocolate kashi bar


Breakfast: Oatmeal, blueberries, honey, cinnamon, 1 cup coffee w 1% milk

(I always start off strong. And then…)


Snack: The last slice of banana bread (I left it out on the counter so Ron would eat it, and he ate most of it. I got the last piece)


Lunch: Honey Bunches of Oats with blueberries and 1% milk. Not the worst I could’ve done. This cereal only has 6 grams of sugar. But it’s still processed crap. I will admit, I was hungry and not feeling too creative.


Snack: Red seedless grapes


Dinner: Steamed spinach, flank steak, 1 serving whole wheat pasta with tomato, basil and mozzarella. All relatively healthy, but could’ve done without the pasta. One of the Moms made it for me, so I really wanted to try it. There is a LOT left. Good thing I’ve got a Ron!




I am noticing that my workouts are getting stronger. I can go lower in my squats and lunges and it takes more to make me sore now. Progress is being made!!


This is the same as 2 days ago, with a few alterations.


Used the thigh chisel video as my warm up: https://vimeo.com/37502944


1-Stationary Lunges:  (or split squats- same thing)- hold 8lbs, repeat lunges right leg forward 15x


2-Walk down and up stairs holding the 8lb weights (17 steps- I counted today)


3-Stationary Lunges: left leg forward


4-Walk down /up stairs holding the 8lb weights


5- Squat with Overhead Press 8lbs 20x


Repeat 1-5


6-On back on the ground, with legs in table top- Chest Flies- 8lbs 5x  (I made this MUCH easier today because my chest muscles were still sore from 2 days ago. Other than that, this is the same workout)


7-Knee Push Ups 10x


Repeat 6-7


8-Upright Row 8lbs 15x


9-Overhead Press 8lbs 15x


10-Lateral Arm Raises- alternate arms 8lbs 15x each arm


11- One arm Tricep Extension 8lbs 20x right then left


Repeat 8-11


12- Forearm Plank 20 seconds


13-Double Crunch 30x


Repeat 12-13




What I did today that moved me forward: Plow through my exercises, even though I totally did NOT feel like it. Also giving myself credit for starting most of my days in a super strong healthy way (oatmeal rocks!) and for eating the spinach and flank steak. Also, I found some more leftover candy today. I did not touch it and asked Ron to take it to work with him tomorrow.


What I did today that held me back: Since the pasta was whole wheat, it is more likely to be burned in a productive way than regular pasta, but I still could’ve done without it. And I will tell you right now, I am going to have more of it tomorrow. Tastes good, gives me energy, it’s all good even if it slows down me attaining my weight loss goal.  Also could’ve done without the banana bread. I expect, when I do my weigh in tomorrow, to have broken even for this past week. We shall see. I am ok with this.


All in all, I’d say my diet is middle of the road. Not too good, but not too bad either. What it is, is doable and reasonable. And I will loss the weight eventually.



If you are consuming more than I am and trying to lose weight, I can tell you it’s probably not going to happen. Think about what you want (what you really really want!) and alter your diet as such. I know, easier said than done! But you’ve got to start somewhere, so pick one small thing to alter this week and take it from there.


Oh, and I gave some more thought to what I want my rewards to be. After the first 10 pounds I am sticking with the new shoes. After 20 pounds it’ll be a new outfit. And when I get back down to 130lbs, I am going to have a super awesome Spa Day!!!

What rewards do you have set in place?


And that’s that for now!!


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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