Day 18


Tonight I am sitting down to write this at 12:41am. By the time I get around to this every day/night, I am tired, and a little nutty. But I am committed to getting this done, no matter how long it takes.


During the day things happen that I want to tell you about, and then when I get around to writing this my brain goes all “duh” and I can’t remember. But I am getting it done!!


Here are a few highlights that have hung on in my mind. One of you suggested I get a bit more calcium, so I got to the health food store today and got a calcium/vit d/magnesium supplement that blends well with my prenatal vitamins. We’ll see how that goes.


Also, 2 of you commented on the extra pasta I’ve been consuming. Both of those people have recently breastfed their children. One said that the pasta actually helped the quality of her milk. The other said that right now, in the stage of bf-ing that I’m in and the fact that my child is 2 months old, I am hitting a phase where my appetite is that of a teenage boy. I’ve noticed that it has changed dramatically in the last week. I usually don’t eat pasta as I don’t see any reason for it. BUT, I currently have 3 pasta dishes in my fridge so I am going to do a little experiment with that. I’ll allow for 1 serving of pasta per day for the next week and see if that affects the quality of what I’m producing for the baby.


As I said when I first started this venture, my first goal is to provide the best nutrition for my baby through breast milk, my second goal is to lose the weight. As long as I don’t gain more weight, I am happy.


And I’ll also say that I’m still on track for losing the 2lbs per week that was my original goal. So all is well in the world for me.


Here’s what I ate today:


Breakfast: Oatmeal, banana, blueberries, cinnamon, home made granola and 1 cup coffee with 1% milk


Lunch: Salad with mesclun, spinach, red pepper, mushroom, cucumber, tomato and home made strawberry vinaigrette. Chicken. Whole wheat pasta w/ asparagus, mushroom, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, spinach, tomato and light cream sauce.


Then I was still hungry and wanted to eat granola with milk, but thought that was too much so I ate a clementine.


THEN, 20 minutes later I was STILL hungry so I gave into the home made granola with 1% milk.


THEN one of the Mom’s dropped by and brought over baked ziti and home made chocolate chip cookies. They were still warm, and guess what. I was STILL hungry! So I ate 1 serving of the ziti and then had 2 of the cookies. Wow. Then I left the cookies out so Ron would eat them and he did 🙂


Dinner: Chicken. Salad: mesclun, spinach, tomato, cucumber, red pepper, mushroom with strawberry vinaigrette. Sauteed broccoli and cauliflower


So let me just say this. And I’ve said it before. If you are eating MORE than I am, you’re not likely to lose weight. I suggest following my general diet and adding in what you feel you need (I know some of you would opt for another serving of protein), and leaving out what isn’t serving you (the pasta is NOT necessary, cookies are NOT necessary, granola on top of your oatmeal, yup, NOT necessary). Do what works for you, but use my diet as a guideline of how far to go, but don’t go past it.




Same as 2 days ago with a few alterations.


Used the thigh chisel video as my warm up: https://vimeo.com/37502944


1-Stationary Lunges:  (or split squats- same thing)- go down into the lunge, do a bicep curl, complete the lunge 8lbs 12x- last time hold down 10 seconds.


2-Walk down and up stairs holding the 8lb weights (17 steps)


3-Stationary Lunges: left leg forward, with the bicep curls


4-Walk down /up stairs holding the 8lb weights


5- Squat with Overhead Press 8lbs 20x


Repeat 1-6


6-One full push up. Finally!

On back on the ground, with legs in table top- Chest Flies- 8lbs 5x  (I made this MUCH easier today because my chest muscles were still sore from 2 days ago. Other than that, this is the same workout)


7-Knee Push Ups 10x


8- On back on the ground, with legs in table top- Chest Flies- 8lbs 20x


Repeat 6-8


9-Upright Row 8lbs 15x


10-Overhead Press 8lbs 15x


11-Lateral Arm Raises 8lbs 15x (both arms simultaneously)


12- One arm Tricep Extension 8lbs 20x right then left


Repeat 9-12


13- Forearm Plank 20 seconds


14-Double Crunch 30x


Repeat 13-14





What I did that moved me forward: Eating a ton of veggies everyday. Got the calcium supplement. Got the workout in even though I was interrupter twice! Again! Staying pretty constant with the oatmeal for breakfast thing, which gives me instant energy. Sticking with the water.


What I need to work on: Honestly, the pasta and the cookies from today are not a habit, and neither are in my house on a regular basis. So, with the extra 500 calories (or more since I am working out regularly) that I need to breast feed, I am ok with these deviations. I am even going to experiment with the pasta to see if it helps my milk production and my energy levels. As I said, first priority is baby, second priority is weight loss. And I’m still on track despite cookies and pasta. Moving right along.


Have a wonderful day!


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski

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