Day 26


And we just keep moving right along! It would seem from this last 26 days that working out comes easily to me. I hadn’t thought about it before really. In fact, I expected it to be much harder to jump back on the wagon.  But then look at the facts-  I have made physical exercise part of my life since I was 7 years old. That’s many many years of building a super strong habit. Of course 7 weeks of not working out isn’t going to break that cycle.


On the other side of that coin- how long did it take me to put this weight on? It took me 9 months of eating more than I needed and not always the right thing. So when I get frustrated and think  that this is taking too long to take the weight off, I must remember the 9 months that it took to put it on. Maybe it will take the same amount of time to lose that weight. It’s a process. A seemingly slow process, and I am chipping away at it and I won’t give up.


I don’t want to say I’m not frustrated. I am. I am over my jiggles. I am over still not being able to fit into my clothes. I’m over this weight. I am frustrated that it seems to be taking so long. That the 7 lbs that I’ve lost barely seem to make a difference. But is this going to discourage me to the point that I will just give up? Of course not! I want the weight gone, so I will continue to plug away. I will allow myself to feel frustrated. Feel it and let it slide on by. I will stay focused on the goal.


Please keep in mind that I am still breastfeeding, and am supposed to be eating 500 extra calories per day. That’s honestly the only reason that I’ve allowed myself to give into the pasta. I suggest you stay away from the stuff if you want to lose weight and aren’t breastfeeding.


Here is what I ate today:


Breakfast: Oatmeal, blueberries, banana, home made granola, cinnamon, 1 cup coffee w 1% milk


Lunch: tuna casserole (I went back for seconds! It was good)


Dinner: sautéed swiss chard, spinach, broccoli, carrots with feta cheese. Chicken




I warmed up with Ilaria’s ‘Powerstrike’ warm up


Then, Thigh Chisel video : https://vimeo.com/37502944


1-Stationary Lunges:  (or split squats- same thing)- go down into the lunge, do a bicep curl, complete the lunge 10lbs 15x- last time hold down 10 seconds.


2-Walk down and up stairs holding the 10lb weights (17 steps)


3-Stationary Lunges: left leg forward, with the bicep curls


4-Walk down /up stairs holding the 10lb weights


5-Squat with Overhead Press 10lbs 15x


6- Jumping Jacks w/ no arms 30x


Repeat 1-6


7-2 full pushups


8- 10 knee pushups


9- On back, legs in table top Chest Flies 10lbs 15x


Repeat 7-9


10-Upright Row 10lbs 15x


11-Overhead Press 10lbs 15x


12-Lateral Arm Raises- alternate arms 10lbs 10x each arm


13- Lateral Arm Raises- both arms together 5lbs 20x


14- one arm Tricep Kickbacks 10lbs 15x right


15-One arm Tricep Extension 10lbs 15x right


16-One arm Tricep Kickback 10lbs 15x left


17- One arm Tricep Extension 10lbs 15x left


18- Jump Rope (54 reps in 32 seconds)


Repeat 10-17


18- Roundhouse Kicks 50x alternating sides


19- Forearm Plank 25 seconds

20-Double Crunch 30x


Repeat 19-20


What I did today that moved me forward: I was thinking about bread- when is the last time I ate any bread? It’s been a while and I didn’t even miss it. Score for me! Also, got to the grocery store and got the veggies for dinner. Score again!!!


AND it was seeming very unlikely that I would get my workout in today, and somehow I got it done. I built that habit and it has stuck good!


What I did today that held me back: I gave in to the urge to eat the second serving of the tuna casserole. This could have been avoided if I’d had more healthy snacky things in easy reach. I did look, and anything healthier would’ve required extra preparation, so I gave in to the easy quick fix. The hunger made me stupid. Gotta get those snacks in place.


And that’s it for today! Until tomorrow…


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski