Day 28


Only 2 days left!! Now this working out thing has become a moral imperative. I’m so close to the 30 days, I must persevere!!


I know I’ve mentioned that I can really tell a difference in the last 28 days as far as my strength and stamina go. I have increased weight, repetitions and added in more exercises.  I feel like I am shrinking- in a good way. Tightening up. Yay!!


I’m starting to think about how I want to move forward. My original plan was to keep this pattern going for 90 days total. Then turn it into a program. I’ll use my general eating plan, take out the garbage, throw in nutritional information (so you’re not just taking my word for it, but building your own knowledge base), and create an online site just for us to keep everyone accountable.


And of course I would create videos for the workouts. It will be fun!!


But first, I have to prove that it works. So onward I go…


Tomorrow is a weigh-in, and I have to be honest, I am dreading it a bit. You know, after that (super yummy!) tuna casserole. I told my MIL that I loved it, and she asked if I would like her to make another one, to which I answered too quickly “NO! thank you” Ha.


So here is what I consumed today:


Breakfast: oatmeal, blueberries, cinnamon, banana, home made granola, coffee w 1% milk


Lunch: Salad: butter lettuce, mesclun, broccoli, cucumber, red pepper, tomato, oil & vinegar dressing


Snack: some pomegranate seeds, a mix of almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts and brazil nuts, apple (these snacks were spread out)


Dinner: Chicken and steamed broccoli


Snack: same nut mix as above




I warmed up with Ilaria’s ‘Powerstrike’ warm up


Then, Thigh Chisel video : https://vimeo.com/37502944


1-Stationary Lunges:  (or split squats- same thing)- go down into the lunge, do a bicep curl, complete the lunge 10lbs 15x- last time hold down 10 seconds.


2-Walk down and up stairs holding the 10lb weights (17 steps)


3-Stationary Lunges: left leg forward, with the bicep curls


4-Walk down /up stairs holding the 10lb weights


5-Squat with Overhead Press 10lbs 15x


6- Jumping Jacks w/ no arms 30x


Repeat 1-6


7-2 full pushups


8- 10 knee pushups


9- On back, legs in table top Chest Flies 10lbs 15x


Repeat 7-9


10-Upright Row 10lbs 15x


11-Overhead Press 10lbs 15x


12-Lateral Arm Raises- alternate arms 10lbs 10x each arm


13- Lateral Arm Raises- both arms together 5lbs 20x


14- one arm Tricep Kickbacks 10lbs 15x right


15-One arm Tricep Extension 10lbs 15x right


16-One arm Tricep Kickback 10lbs 15x left


17- One arm Tricep Extension 10lbs 15x left


18- Jump Rope (60 reps in 60 seconds- avg)


Repeat 10-18


19- Roundhouse Kicks 50x alternating sides


20- Forearm Plank 25 seconds

21-Double Crunch 30x

Repeat 20-21


22- V-sit with 5lb weight- twist side to side 24x




What I did today that moved me forward: Worked out, even though I really didn’t feel like it! Also, want to recognize (yeah, maybe again, but it’s important to give yourself credit), for the food things I am doing right. I haven’t eaten any bread in who knows how long. I haven’t touched rice or quinoa in a long time. No pasta since Saturday. This is all despite the stuff being in my face. I haven’t touched chocolate in who knows how long, I haven’t eaten any sweets or baked goods since Melanie’s birthday, I don’t add sugar or salt to any of my foods, I am consistent with drinking 72oz or more per day, I take my supplements (including the calcium that was recently suggested to me), and I’ve been eating more veggies these past few days.


What I did today that held me back: I don’t know if it’s holding me back, but I did have extra coffee today. I think 1 cup a day should do it. More seems excessive. Especially as I’m drinking it at 8pm and am still exhausted, well, now (midnight).

Also, despite dense nutrients, if I want to lose weight I need to cut back on the nuts.


Only 2 more days!!! I’m curious to hear if you can relate to any of this stuff I am experiencing. How are YOU doing?


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski