I have never had to lose weight before in my life, and now I have the fortunate

and unique opportunity to try out my own system!  After the birth of my first

child in November 2012, I found myself with an extra 30 pounds to lose

after the first initial 6 weeks went by. The 6 week point is generally when

the doc gives the go ahead to begin to exercise. For me, that fell right at the

beginning of 2013.

So I kicked off January fueled with motivation and began personally testing out the

advice and guidance I’ve been offering to my clients and students since 1997.


I honestly wasn’t sure how it was all going to play out, as I’d never had to

do this before. I did, of course, believe in my system. I know it works if one

commits to it. I’ve been shown that time and again. What I didn’t know was

whether or not I could do it.


So here we are at just about the halfway point. I had 30 pounds to lose on January

1st, and I’ve got 17 left to go. I have been diligent about my exercise regime. I have

worked out almost every day since January 1st. I missed a day when the power

went out and we were scrambling for, well, everything. Things like power outtages

get super interesting when there is a newborn involved. I also missed a few days

when I was traveling. And that’s pretty much it.


I can’t say it’s easy. I can’t say I always feel like it. I can say that I get up and get

started whether I think I can do it or not. And somehow, even if I get interrupted,

I get it done. The key is just to get started.


And as far as the food goes, I started off in January being a bit back and forth

with that until I got into a rhythm. The biggest challenge I ran into was that

people were generously making me food, and it was mostly pasta. And I thought

it was so great that they took the time to make me food, that I ate it. Makes

sense, right? So I just stopped inviting in the food and settled into a no pasta

no bread no rice diet. I have a pretty boring diet now, but it is easy for me to

stick to. I alternate my breakfast between oatmeal with fruit and eggs with

spinach. Lunch is usually a mix of a salad with a bunch of different kinds of veggies,

low fat yogurt, and an apple. Sometimes it’s an orange. And sometimes

I need a snack so I eat celery and peanut butter. For dinner- it’s simply a

meat and a veggie and that’s it. For dessert I have a ‘milkin cookie’- which

is special made cookies to help with breast milk. I also have a Guinness at

dinner- also good for milk production (and yes I notice a difference!).


The key with the food is to keep it simple, and make yourself the person in

charge of what food is in your fridge. Just don’t buy the things that tempt you.


So I am keeping it simple and I keep doing the exercises whether I feel like it or

not. Sometimes it seems like the progress is slow, and that is frustrating. But

there is progress. And there will continue to be progress if I stay on this path.

So I will! Who knows how long it will take. I know it took me 9 months to

put all of that weight on, so maybe it will take that long to take it off. Doesn’t

matter, as long as it comes off. And it will. This system works!!


17 pounds to go!!


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski







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