Need a little discipline in your life?  In other words, are you a person

who finishes what she starts? Or could you use a little help in that



And here’s my next question: Would you like to lose a few pounds??


Ha! The two things totally go together!


Following through with a weight loss program is the PERFECT

exercise for building your discipline muscle! Why? Because IF you

follow the simple steps (I did not say easy!), you will achieve your

goal. And that, my friend, will motivate you to follow through with

other goals. You could be the next ‘Get It Done’ girl- manifesting

things right and left and making things HAPPEN! Or you could

forget about the whole discipline/follow through thing and just

go through life like a leaf on the wind- handing over your power and

settling wherever you land.



Anyway, I’ve had this correlation between discipline overall and

weight loss in my head for quite some time now.

But now (since having a baby and needing to lose weight)

I am living it, so I really KNOW it now, as part of my being.


After having my baby, I had an extra 30 lbs to lose. Yes, I had lots

of fun while pregnant. I was also one of those pregnant ladies who

got nauseous if I wasn’t eating- so- extra 30 lbs. I started my own

weight loss program on January 1st 2013. It is now just about April 1st

and I am STILL only halfway through! I still have 15 pounds to go. It is

frustrating, but do I give up? Of course not! I am sticking with this

program until the weight is gone. Discpline- I am your MASTER!


I felt like the first 15 came off slowly, but it did come off. There were

all sorts of obstacles. People bringing me pasta, Mother in Law making

cheesey goodnesses, desserts shoved up in my face. Sometimes

I gave into these and sometimes I didn’t. It’s a process. And I am also

struggling to find time to exercise with an infant in my wonderful

world. Some of these challenges might sound familiar to you, they

are pretty common.


So how do you make a difference? Here’s how I’m doing it:

I have been sticking to the same

basic meals day in and day out- created a habit out of small portions and

healthy food. Yes, sometimes the odd thing gets in the mix. And that’s

ok. Another thing is to stay strong with your vision of how you want to

look and feel. I have not once, despite seriously slow progress (or what

feels like slow progress to me) faltered in my belief that the weight will

come off. I just keep plugging away.


Now the weight is starting to budge again and I had my first ‘skinny

feeling’ day in a LONG time just this past week.

I have built up a huge reserve of discipline with my years in the fitness industry,

but it could still be stronger. It’s all a process, and I’m actually enjoying

it. Yes, I get frustrated. It seems to take FOREVER! But I also accept

that’s my perspective. It’s coming off. And the discipline muscle is growing.

I have no doubt that I will reach my goal, and though I may falter (hello chocolate!)

I will not stop until I succeed.


Why is discipline important? Where do you need discipline in your life?

Try everywhere! I have been my own boss for about 15 years now. It is

really easy to let your ’employee’ off the hook when you’re your own boss.

I need discipline in order to get it done. I need discipline to write this blog!

I need discipline to show up to teach classes, show up for sessions, keep

immaculate records, make sure the other trainers get paid when people

cancel on them at the last minute, do the social media updates, newsletters,

come up with and create programs, return emails and phone calls…

It’s a lot. I do a lot of stuff. I need to be disciplined in order to get it done.

And if you want to get things done, you need discipline as well.


So what is my suggestion in all of this? What it comes down to is, if you

need to lose a few pounds- shift your focus to building your discipline muscle.

Everyone could use a bit more discipline. Myself included. It’s a great quality

to have. Will help you get right where you want to be. And using weight loss

as the exercise is perfect.




Start with something small. Something you will do daily for the next week.

Like, switch out your lunchtime sandwich for a green smoothie. Try it for a

week. You will most likely meet up with some resistance. Push past it, accomplish

your goal, and your discipline muscle will be a little bit stronger.


Next week, add on to your new habits. So on, so forth. Before you know it,

you’ll be using that discipline muscle for all kinds of great things, and you’ll

have lost those pounds that have been plaguing you.


Now I’m off to plot my healthy lunch and keep on keeping on with my weight

loss goal. Have a great week!


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski